Hard seltzers: Set for growth in Mexico’s bars & restaurants

Hard seltzers are growing in popularity as a drinks category in Mexico’s On Premise, offering exciting potential for suppliers and operators. Here are some key insights from OPUS, CGA by NielsenIQ’s market-leading consumer research solution, to help businesses to crack the market.

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The category has huge potential

While consumers are still discovering the hard seltzers category in Mexico, in the US they’ve seen substantial growth in the last couple of years – with the number of On Premise drinkers almost doubling. Worth US$1.2 billion for the On Premise, hard seltzers are now more valuable than both Cognac and Brandy in the US.


Growing consumer awareness and trial

There has been a significant increase in consumer awareness of hard seltzers since the start of COVID-19. CGA’s latest OPUS (On Premise User Survey) in Mexico found that 3 in 5 consumers are aware of the category, with a fifth of these consumers drinking them regularly and nearly a third (29%) who haven’t tried them yet but are open to trialling them. Compared to last year, 42% of consumers who drink hard seltzers are consuming them more frequently – with the category topping the list.


OPUS is a nationally representative survey of On Premise users, designed to help you understand where and how to reach your target consumers. The research provides size of the prize opportunities for drinks categories and brands by occasions and channel.


Health is a big factor, while quality is also key

CGA’s OPUS research found that 12% of hard seltzers consumers in Mexico choose the category to be healthy, highlighting that brands can position their offerings as a healthier option to other categories to drive demand.


Highlighting quality credentials will also help support wider engagement with hard seltzers, as consumers tend to choose this category over others due to the quality of ingredients included. Reiterating the quality of these ingredients in promotion of hard seltzers brands should see greater trial by new consumers – while bar staff also have a role to play, with their recommendations ranking highly as a reason for consumers to choose hard seltzers over other categories.


Matthew Crompton, regional director – North America said: “Hard seltzers are quickly gaining traction across Mexico’s On Premise, and the category seems to strike a chord with consumers who are increasingly health-conscious and looking for high quality ingredients in their drink choice. Competition is likely to get fierce in the months ahead, so suppliers will need to properly understand consumers’ needs, and identify how to position both the health and quality aspects of the category.”


Contact Matthew Crompton, regional director – North America at matthew.crompton@cgastrategy.com, to discover how CGA’s consumer research solutions can help to shape your On Premise strategies, by providing a deeper understanding of how and where to reach your target audiences. 

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