Empowering Brands in South Korea through CGA by NIQ’s latest Consumer Pulse Reports

CGA by NIQ is excited to introduce new Consumer Pulse Reports aimed at providing rapid and insightful analysis of consumer behaviour within the On Premise channel across South Korea.

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The monthly reports are designed to offer a real-time snapshot of consumer sentiments and intentions, enabling beverage suppliers and businesses to align their strategies with evolving market trends in the South Korean market. 


The On Premise Consumer Pulse reports will act as a vital “temperature check” of the channel, offering a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play within bars and restaurants. The survey of consumers visiting the South Korean On Premise at least once within 3 months delves into consumer behaviour throughout the past month while assessing visitation intentions for the month ahead.


The reports, available to download from our website soon, will provide valuable monthly insights for beverage suppliers and distributors, allowing them to proactively adapt and cater to consumer preferences. In other countries, CGA’s consumer pulse reports have become a staple for suppliers and other businesses interested in the channel.


Jaepil Sohn, CGA by NIQ Client Solutions Director, South Korea, said: “In various regions across the globe, these monthly reports have become a cornerstone for beverage suppliers, operators, and a diverse array of businesses with vested interests in the South Korean On Premise. By consistently delivering these timely updates, we provide stakeholders with a direct lens into the intricate web of consumer behaviors and intentions that shape the On Premise landscape in the market. This strategic perspective empowers them to fine-tune their approaches, make informed decisions, and craft experiences that resonate with the ever-evolving preferences of South Korean consumers. As this practice matures into an industry standard, it reaffirms our commitment to nurturing a dynamic synergy between consumer expectations and business strategies, ensuring a resilient and vibrant On Premise experience for all.


For more information about CGA by NIQ’s Consumer Pulse reports, and their comprehensive Consumer research survey OPUS, get in touch with Jaepil Sohn at jaepil.sohn@nielseniq.com. 

To download the latest Consumer Pulse reports, click here, and to receive the latest report each month and stay up to date with On Premise insights, sign up to receive CGA’s news and monthly newsletter here 

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