H1 drinks sales in Ireland’s On Premise: Five CGA insights

Suppliers and operators enjoyed double-digit percentage growth in Ireland’s On Premise in the first six months of 2023, CGA by NIQ’s On Premise Measurement tool shows.

First-half sales by value were more than 11% ahead of 2022 in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Trading was boosted by improved consumer confidence, multiple Bank Holidays and big sporting events, led by Ireland’s Grand Slam in the Six Nations rugby tournament.


Here are five more insights from CGA’s expert analysis of Ireland’s On Premise.


1 Spirits rise

Six Nations celebrations, public holidays and increased high-tempo visits in the late-night sector made it a strong first-half for the spirits category. Its share of total alcoholic drinks sales market increased in both the Republic and Northern Ireland—by as much as two percentage points in April.


2 Sport boosts vodka

Vodka benefited most from the shift towards spirits. The Six Nations again helped here, with CGA’s consumer research showing around a quarter of consumers are more likely to drink vodka or cocktails while watching live sports in the On Premise.


3 Liqueurs and specialities down

Some of vodka’s growth has come at the expense of liqueurs and speciality spirits. These performed well during the reopening of Ireland’s On Premise after months of COVID lockdowns, but some spirits consumers have turned back towards mainstream options in the last six months.


4 Stout steals share

Ireland’s Six Nations triumph helped make stout the big first-half winner in the Long Alcoholic Drinks (LAD) segment, and it gained more share than any other sub-category. Some of its sales were taken from lager and—in the Republic—from cider.


5 Wet-led sector reclaims sales

An upswing in late-night and celebratory occasions made it a strong six months for wet-led venues in both the Republic and Northern Ireland.


“It’s great to see Ireland’s On Premise deliver inflation-beating sales growth in the first half of 2023,” says Sian Brennan, CGA’s client director, Ireland. “Operators and suppliers have done well to attract so much footfall despite all the pressures on consumers’ spending, and it’s a welcome reminder of people’s affinity with the On Premise. As ever, identifying the big sales trends and consumers’ latest habits will be crucial to more success as we move towards the vital last quarter of the year.”


CGA by NIQ’s OPM tool and consumer research deliver many more insights into sales patterns across the island of Ireland, and help suppliers identify opportunities in categories, channels, dayparts and much more. To learn how OPM can power successful strategies, email Sian Brennan at sian.brennan@cgastrategy.com.

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