Consumers in Canada’s On Premise: Ten numbers to know

CGA’s new On Premise research into people’s drink preferences and habits in Canada’s On Premise provides crucial intelligence for suppliers and operators as the market builds back from COVID-19.

Here are ten key findings—and what they mean for businesses seeking to grow sales and share in this important On Premise channel.


64%… Of consumers have either tried or would try craft spirits, leaving them well placed for growth in 2022 as an emerging category.


25%… Of consumers have been out for a drink at least once a week in the last three months—a sign that people are returning to pre-COVID-19 habits despite some ongoing restrictions.


8.5… The average number of alcoholic drinks brands consumed in the On Premise. This shows the promiscuity of drinkers and the challenge of securing brand loyalty.


6.1… The average number of drinking out occasions per month among LDA to 34-year-olds. The number is significantly more than the 3.9 average for 35 to 54 year-olds and four times higher than the average of 1.5 for those aged 55 or over.


$131… The average amount spent by consumers on eating and drinking out per month. It rises to $143 among LDA to 34 year-olds but drops to $113 among those aged 55 or over—another sign that it is young adults who are leading the return to the On Premise.


51%… Of Canada’s On Premise consumers typically drink beer on their visits out. This makes it the most popular alcoholic category by some distance, ahead of wine (36%) and spirits (32%).


58%…Of consumers have had or would try low calorie drinks. Health and wellness continues to be important to consumers. This rings true as 53% have had or would try non-alcoholic offerings, emphasizing the importance of outlets stocking a wide assortment of offerings to appeal to consumers interest, especially as Dry January approaches.


73%… Of consumers know which drink category they will order before entering a venue. But while many drinkers have established habits, it means that just over a quarter haven’t made up their minds before arriving at their table or bar—which opens up opportunities to influence them on their path to purchase.


48%… Of consumers who don’t know what category they will order say price is an important factor in their choice. Other big influences for suppliers and operators to note include the variety of drinks on offer (35%), special offers (34%), menu recommendations (22%) and bartender recommendations (13%).


24%…Of consumers say they will order alcohol takeout/delivery in the next 3 months. This trend seen in 2019 when lockdowns and restrictions were first in place continues to be a valuable channel for consumers and shows intent for other areas for suppliers to activate and promote brands and products.



CGA’s OPUS research reveals many more important and actionable insights into consumers’ behaviour in Canada’s On Premise. Combined with BeverageTrak sales measurement tools, the data builds a detailed picture of when, where and why consumers drink out, what they choose and how suppliers and operators can generate brand trial and loyalty. To learn more about the research and bespoke analysis, please email


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