On Premise Cocktails Report:

Helping suppliers and operators in the US to shape a data-led & effective cocktail strategy
An Industry-first report, CGA’s On Premise Cocktails, powered by consumer and sales data reveals the ever-evolving nature of the cocktail category.

This exclusive report provides On Premise teams with a comprehensive overview of the dynamics of the category, showing which out of the top 30 cocktails have the highest velocity, when and where consumers are drinking them, at what price point and where the opportunities for your brands lie within this space.

The initial report and subscription offering is essential for suppliers and operators seeking to measure and understand the size of the prize and the seasonally-focused trends of the cocktail category, how this translates into brand opportunities and help drive sales to ensure maximum revenue returns.

CGA’s On Premise Cocktail Report is available in December. Download more information or contact Matthew Crompton at matthew.crompton@cgastrategy.com

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