CGA’s ground-breaking Impact Reports across US & Canada to see significant improvements from 2023

CGA’s On Premise Impact Reports are changing! Following nearly three years of insights CGA will be making some significant improvements to the reports from January 2023.

The Impact Reports were born in mid-March 2020 when the On Premise was under threat like never before at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry demanded up-to-date, credible data to help cut through the noise during this unprecedented time and in response, CGA launched the Impact Reports for the US & Canadian markets. Since then, CGA have reported on the channel’s recovery every step of the way delivering over 130 reports, free of charge, covering both sales and consumer insights.


From next year, CGA will improve this offering even further by providing:

  • The reports as PowerPoint rather than PDFs, making it easier to directly lift CGA’s insights into your own decks.
  • Offering the chance for clients to directly influence the topics of choice in our consumer pulse reports.
  • Additional insights from our On Premise Measurement solutions


For all non-contracted clients, there have been significant price increases this year so a small charge will be passed on for those who want to carry on receiving these insights as a full report from next year. However, we will continue to distribute a weekly one pager with topline data points free of charge to those are subscribed to receive these updates.


For CGA’s currently contracted clients, delivery won’t change, and the insights will still be delivered free of charge each week. If you are a CGA client, please get in touch to begin the conversation around these reports.


If you would like to learn more about subscribing to our US & Canada On Premise Impact Reports from 2023 onwards, click here to get in touch with Andrew Hummel.

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