CGA by NIQ unlocks fresh insights into Japan’s On Premise users with new consumer research

Beverage suppliers in Japan’s On Premise have access to crucial insights into consumer habits and behaviours with the launch of a new suite of research services from leading global consultancy CGA by NIQ.

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The exclusive solutions now available in Japan include the On Premise User Survey (OPUS), which tracks consumers’ engagement with bars, restaurants, izakaya, kissaten and other food and beverage premises in Japan. It will be the first-ever consumer research programme that is wholly dedicated to the country’s On Premise channel.  


CGA’s latest market intelligence highlights the popularity of Japan’s On Premise with a significant 68% of Japanese consumers visiting licensed establishments at least once a month, with 27% doing so weekly. The weekly regular visitors tend to be younger, with higher incomes, concentrated in city/town centres. 


When it comes to drink preferences, Japanese consumers prioritize familiarity and affordability. Local brands hold the highest preference at 68%, followed closely by well-known brands at 67%. The patrons also exhibit a tendency to stick to familiar options, showing reluctance towards experimentation. Brand loyalty and locality are prioritized over perceived quality, presenting challenges for new product development initiatives. 


Despite these challenges, the Japanese On Premise market offers opportunities for investors willing to align with consumer preferences. The market’s high level of loyalty among consumers suggests a potential for sustained engagement and patronage. By focusing on trusted brands and locally sourced options, businesses can effectively navigate this market and capitalize on its potential for growth. While consumer conservatism poses obstacles, understanding and catering to Japanese preferences can lead to long-term success in the On Premise sector. 


The OPUS service is a bi-annual survey of 7,500 On Premise users in Japan and uncovers their channel behaviour, needs and preferences. It helps clients segment consumer groups and channels and create compelling sales stories for customers. Detailed breakdowns of engagement are available by occasion, category, brand, channel and more. CGA offers various OPUS packages to suit all needs, plus bespoke expert analysis for even deeper insights.  


OPUS will be complemented further by CGA by NIQ’s Outlet Index this year, which details all licensed outlets across Japan, including attributes like location and segments. The two services can be enhanced with customised analysis based on the client’s needs, creating the foundations for suppliers and manufacturers to grow sales and share in the country.  


Leveraging CGA’s expertise in the On Premise sector can provide invaluable insights and strategic guidance for businesses seeking to navigate the Japanese market. CGA’s deep understanding of consumer trends, market dynamics, and industry best practices can offer crucial support in developing effective channel strategies tailored to the nuances of this dynamic market. 


Kotaro Katayama, Senior Manager-New Business Development, said: “Japan has an exceptionally dynamic and competitive On Premise, and we are delighted to be supporting suppliers with the insights they need to thrive in it. We’re going far beyond generic research to bring data to life and pinpoint exactly what consumers want from Japan’s restaurants, bars and drinks brands. Understanding guests is the first step towards success, and our team are looking forward to helping businesses achieve expert knowledge and unlock new sales opportunities.” 


To learn more about CGA by NIQ’s services in Japan and how they can help On Premise drinks suppliers win sales and share, please contact Kotaro Katayama here.

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