Casual Dining in Canada: A go-to choice for over half of consumers

CGA by NIQ explores Casual Dining chains through Canada's licensed universe and consumer research, providing a comprehensive overview of the channel.

CGA by NIQ’s Outlet Index provides an in-depth look at the licensed outlets that make up Canada’s On Premise. Giving food and beverage suppliers the tools needed to redefine targeting strategies, drive listings and increase market share, Outlet Index shows the make-up of different channels across the market, with the ability to deep-dive into specific provinces.


With nearly 80% of all licensed outlets in Canada falling under the Restaurant channel, dining out undoubtedly holds a significant place in the social life of Canadian consumers. Among these restaurants, Casual Dining outlets account for almost 3 in 5, making them a clear favorite among consumers.


CGA’s OPUS research allows suppliers to dive deeper and explore consumer engagement with all channels, including visitation, popular occasion types, dayparts, beverage choices and influencing factors shaping behaviour. The recent data from the Spring 2023 survey shows the versatility of Casual Dining channel by catering to both casual and celebratory occasions.


The top occasion types were meals with family (61%), meals with friends (57%), catching up with friends and celebrations (43%), with the channel even showing the how it caters for all based off the people visited with; friends (64%), partner/spouse (57%), and family with kids (40%).


There is a positive outlook on the channel’s future, with nearly 80% of consumers planning to visit a casual dining restaurant the same or more frequently in the next 12 months*.


Mitch Stefani, Client solutions director – North America said “Our Outlet Index database, paired with a robust understanding of consumer behavior across a host of channels, brings an unprecedented view to the On Premise across Canada and specific provinces. Casual Dining remains a core component to the makeup of Canada and concepts have adapted to support changing consumer’s preferences in these venues, all of which we are tracking to support suppliers, operators, and the hospitality industry.


CGA continuously tracks how the market landscape evolves overtime, including openings and closures within the market. On a quarterly basis clients will be able to access a fully refreshed market universe to ensure On Premise analysis.


Outlet Index is a robust outlet universe database, covering and segmenting all On Premise outlets available within the market to the CGA global market segmentation.


For more information on CGA by NIQ’s solutions in Canada, get in touch with Mitch Stefani at


* Survey dates: February 15 – March 13, 2023

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