Canada’s thirst for Non-Alcoholic alternatives extends beyond Dry January

As Dry January ended, CGA by NIQ’s Canada On Premise Consumer Pulse Report explored consumer attitudes towards non-alcoholic beverages, and behaviors around the increasingly popular category.
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The report highlights the extent to which Canadian consumers are continuing to drink non-alcoholic categories long after Dry January is over, driven in part by high levels of satisfaction for this growing category


41% of Canadian consumers either took part in Dry January or reduced their alcohol intake during the month. By comparison, 24% of US consumers planned to take part in Dry January before it began, and of those consumers, 81% successfully abstained from alcohol for the month.  


Despite 31% of Canadian consumers cutting back their alcohol consumption in January, (+12pp since January 2023), 43% visited the On Premise the same or more than usual.


So, which non-alcoholic alternatives satisfied the thirst of consumers in January? Mocktails came out on top, with 90% of consumers expressing their satisfaction. Furthermore, 91% of these happy customers plan to continue drinking Mocktails beyond the Dry January window. In addition, 80% were satisfied with non-alcoholic beer, with 76% planning to continue drinking it.  


42% of consumers expressed they have seen an increase in non-alcoholic alternatives on menus versus a year ago, which is a strong indication of the trend gaining popularity and recognition. This growth and awareness makes it a necessity for operators to build these products into their assortment of offerings which has now expanded to cater to consumers of all types, year-round. 


Mitch Stefani, Client Solutions Director for the Americas said: Dry January’s popularity spotlights the growing consumer interest in non-alcoholic alternatives. It’s increasingly clear this shift transcends a mere seasonal fad. Health and wellbeing trends are re-shaping consumer preferences, and it’s important for operators to acknowledge this through their offerings. 


CGA by NIQ’s Canada On Premise Consumer Pulse Report tracks key metrics in the On Premise, delves hot topics as they arise, and explores past, current and projected future channel visitation. To find out more about CGA’s consumer research capabilities and regular Impact Reports, click here or contact Mitch Stefani at    

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