Almost half of Oktoberfest visitors don’t usually drink beer in the On Premise

As Munich's Oktoberfest draws to a close, CGA reveals fascinating insights from their OPUS and OPM research tools to showcase lucrative opportunities for businesses looking to capitalise on this world-renowned event. 

In the past year, the beer category in Germany has witnessed a substantial decline, recording a year-on-year volume loss of 12.3%. The decline in value terms has been somewhat less pronounced yet still significant at 5.1%. Clearly in this challenging scenario, Brewers need to ensure they effectively engage with both the recruitment opportunity and the Beer connoisseur both at Oktoberfest but also in the wider On Trade market.  


With visitor levels anticipated to match, or even exceed pre-pandemic levels, there is an inflation-proof buoyancy around experience-led events in the On Premise, demonstrated by Oktoberfest. For brewers and operators alike, the challenge is to replicate this within the traditional On Premise channel. 

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