Whiskey set to flourish in the US On Premise in 2022

Whiskey has been one of the star performers of the spirits market in recent months, and there is exciting potential to grow sales further this year. Patrick Bannon, CGA client director, Americas, shares some of the very latest sales and consumer trends in the category, and sets out ways suppliers and operators can capitalise on the growing interest.
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As the US Premise recovers from COVID-19 and lockdowns, spirits are going to be a crucial focus. And while all categories can help to recharge neat and mixed drinks, whiskey is one of the best placed to flourish as 2022 goes on.


CGA’s On Premise Measurement (OPM) research in the US shows how whiskey sales are now neck-and-neck with vodka in volume terms, with each holding a 26% share of sales. In the latest quarter, whiskey sales have grown by 98% year-on-year, against 93% growth for vodka—though both numbers are inflated by the generally weak performance of the On Premise in the equivalent quarter of 2020. In total, the whiskey market was worth just over $10bn in the latest 52-week period, a fraction ahead of vodka at $9.6bn—a differential that reflects the slightly higher price point that whiskey can attract.


CGA’s breakdown of the whiskey category reveals important nuances in sales by brand, type and location. It shows, for example, that American whiskey dominates the market, taking just over half (53%) of total sales. Next on the list comes Canadian whiskey with a 24% share, with Irish (17%), Scotch (6%) and Japanese whisky (0.3%) making up the rest. This shows the enduring appeal of domestic brands in the whiskey market, and indicates how suppliers can take advantage of the heritage and provenance of their drinks when telling their stories to consumers.


Patrick Bannon’s analysis provides whiskey category performance in the US and uncovers detailed intelligence on the type of consumers who are enjoying whiskey and how they are enjoying whiskey in the On Premise. To read more from the report, download here.


Patrick Bannon, CGA client director, Americas


CGA’s suite of research services, including the On Premise Measurement tool and On Premise User Survey, combine to provide suppliers and operators with an unrivalled and holistic view of the whiskey market and many more drinking-out segments. Other aspects of CGA’s market intelligence include the BeverageTrak-based US Cocktail Reports, which provide an up-to-date picture of current and future trends in mixed drinks. CGA’s expert team can also provide bespoke analysis to pinpoint opportunities for individual brands and sub-categories. To learn more about CGA’s capabilities across the US On Premise, visit www.cgastrategy.com and email patrick.bannon@cgastrategy.com.


Originally published in GDI magazine


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