Vaccine passports raise consumer confidence when visiting the On Premise amid COVID-19 Delta variant

Consumers across the country express positivity in visitation to bars and restaurants with the implementation of vaccine passports, CGA’s latest Consumer Pulse Report reveals.

In the two weeks prior to survey 76% of consumers visited the On Premise more, or the same amount, as they usually would. Their main reason for visiting the On Premise is to catch up with friends. Additionally, with the implementation of vaccine passports, 60% of consumers say that they now feel comfortable with indoor-only dining.


57% of consumers have been out to eat or drink 3 or more times since bars and restaurants have reopened, suggesting that concerns surrounding the Delta variant have not kept consumers away from bars and restaurants. Only 15% of all consumers reported visiting the On Premise less often than usual to avoid the spread of COVID-19.


An increase in price of alcoholic drinks has been noticed by 52% of consumers, resulting in 33% of these consumers stating that they have bought fewer drinks than they typically would. It is important to understand that consumers are noticing these higher prices when out which can deter them from additional spend, or from returning to the On Premise.


For most, drink preferences do not change when drinking at home or drinking On Premise. This differs for younger consumers (aged 19-34), where 63% report that drink preference changes by On Premise visitation. Signifying that targeting activations and promotions for influencing drink choices toward these younger consumers could generate sales growth.

Mitch Stefani, CGA’s Client Solutions Manager, Americas said “The requirement for Vaccine passports has resonated well for consumers’ comfort levels in visiting the On Premise, and as Provinces have been implementing these systems across the country, we should see steady visitation to the channel moving forward.”

As markets continue to progress with re-opening across Canada, CGA’s consumer Pulse Report continues to explore On Premise Behaviour, perceptions of vaccine passports, and comfortability in different venue types. CGA’s consumer research sampled over 1,170 On Premise consumers across four key provinces (Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec) from September 2–7.


The latest On Premise Impact Report by CGA features an invitation to a free, insight-driven webinar on October 7, following consumer research specific to Canada that delves into the impact of the Delta variant on visitation.


Registration is available here

To access the latest Canada On Premise Pulse report,click here.


To learn more about CGA’s consumer reporting and how it can support suppliers and operators in understanding the demands and habits of consumers in the On Premise, please contact  Mitch Stefani at 



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