Unlocking your brands potential to holidaying consumers in New Zealand

Insights derived from CGA by NIQ's New Pulse+ Report provide essential insights into consumers' behaviour in On Premise venues during their vacations, providing brands and operators with the necessary tools to capitalise on this profitable market.
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A sizable 89% of New Zealand consumers have plans to take a holiday in the next 12 months, and almost half of them intend to travel within the country. Hotels emerge as the most preferred accommodation type, attracting 53% of holidaymakers. This highlights the importance for suppliers to strategically focus on hotels in specific locations and comprehend their guests’ preferences to maximise brand and category engagement.


The data shows a strong consumer interest for dining and drinking out while on vacation, as an astounding 70% of holidaymakers intend to indulge in On Premise experiences. Among their venue choices, casual dining restaurants (84%) hold the lead with consumers. However, 44% of holidaymakers also plan to enjoy dining and drinking within the comfort of their own room or accommodation – identifying that brands and operators should cater to consumers’ food and drinks needs within hotels, too.


When selecting dining and drinking options while on holiday, 71% of New Zealand On Premise users prioritise value for money. However, absolute quality is also a major concern, with an impressive 64% basing their decision on food quality.


As for the reasons for going out while on vacation, personal enjoyment is the primary motivator; going out to have a good time (73%), treating themselves (65%), seeking relaxation (61%), and aiming to have fun (59%) demonstrates the importance of the channel.


New Zealand’s holidaymakers offer brands and operators a distinctive opportunity to promote experimentation with new products, as a remarkable 52% of consumers admit to being more adventurous with their food and drink choices while on vacation. This creates an ideal avenue for businesses to introduce innovative offerings and stimulate consumption in new drink categories and brands.


The findings of the Pulse+ report highlight how operators, brands, and suppliers can improve sales and visitation frequency by gaining an understanding of how consumers plan to spend their holidays. Utilising this data to gain insights into users’ behaviours during vacations can greatly enable meeting their needs and capitalising on the revenue potential of holidaymakers.


James Phillips, Client Solutions Director – ANZ said: “Brands, suppliers and operators must gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors that motivate holidaymakers, including the type of venues they prefer and the products likely to appeal to them during their vacations. Our Pulse+ Report describes the behaviours of holidaymakers at hospitality venues compared to when they are at home, helping businesses to offer consumers well-thought-out options when and where they are most receptive.”


CGA’s Pulse+ Reports are now available as part of a new subscription and provide a detailed view of the New Zealand On Premise, exploring consumer behaviour and their interaction with the channel.


To find out more about how to unlock your brands potential in the market from the New Zealand Pulse+ Reports, click here, or to download a snapshot of the latest report click here.


Contact james.phillips@nielseniq.com to find out how you can access the full subscription, and more about CGA by NIQ’s On Premise solutions to benefit your business.

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