Unlocking opportunities: CGA by NIQ’s new report reveals key strategies to support bartenders and influence consumer choices

Supporting bartenders can be a powerful way for suppliers to influence consumers’ drinks choices. It is more important than ever to be engaging and supporting bartenders to drive advocacy and sales of brands – and a new report from CGA by NIQ reveals how to achieve this.
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Bar staff recommendations are one of the biggest factors influencing consumers drinks choice (25%), leading ahead of visibility (12%), promotion (20%) and what friends are drinking (18%). This powerful influence has a captive audience; nearly half of consumers agree that if they have already decided what to drink, they can still be influenced by bartender recommendations. 


The exclusive ‘GB Bartender Report’ is powered by BarSights, a major survey of 150 experienced bartenders around Britain. It is filled with actionable insights into the views and needs of bar professionals that can help suppliers and manufacturers provide valuable practical support and secure their endorsement of brands. Here are just five of the takeaways. 


1 Bartenders are passionate 

CGA’s survey shows bartenders are passionate about their work, and nearly three quarters (72%) agree they want to stay in the bar industry for the foreseeable future. Their pride in their work and interest in experimentation indicate they will be receptive to partners who can make them even better at their jobs. 


2 Support is needed on wellbeing 

With half (51%) of bartenders feeling challenged by the need for a good work-life balance, and nearly a third (31%) by wellbeing issues, any support that can take some of the strain out of work is likely to be welcomed. The need is particularly acute among bartenders who have been in their job for between five and ten years.  


3 Professionals want help with career progression 

While 64% of bartenders think their profession has good career prospects, only 41% actually know how they can progress in the industry. Many of them see drinks suppliers as a route to career progression, and there is substantial interest in working for drinks brands as a brand ambassador (42%) or taste maker (30%). More experienced bartenders are also likely to be interested in bar consultancy and partnership work. 


4 There’s a knowledge gap 

The ‘GB Bartender Report’ highlights a shortage of knowledge in areas like brand partnerships, distribution chains and menu creation. By helping to educate teams about how the industry works, suppliers can get an advantage in the competition for brand endorsement. 


5 Bartenders need targeted training  

With a third (32%) of bartenders seeing brands that provide support to venues and teams as best placed to thrive in 2024, suppliers that facilitate training can secure benefits for both parties. Understanding the needs of bartenders at different levels of experience can help to tailor this training to people throughout their careers. 


The ‘GB Bartender Report’ provides many more insights into bartenders’ needs and preferences, including the value of professional communities, social media engagement, menu support and much more. The full report is available to purchase now. For more information, email dylan.battick@nielseniq.com. 


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