Understanding Bartender Impact in Mexican Venues

The forthcoming Global Bartender Report by CGA by NIQ confirms the influence of bartender recommendations on category and brand choices when consumers are placing their orders in the On Premise.
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Full of thought-provoking data-driven insights, it’s unmissable reading for suppliers keen to infiltrate the bartender community for sales optimization and brand amplification.


Ahead of the Report’s release, OPUS Summer 2023 data revealed the role of bar staff recommendations in influencing consumers’ drink category choices. A resounding third of consumers are influenced by bartenders for cocktails, with a further quarter of consumers for brandy, gin, craft beer, and wine.


In addition, CGA by NIQ’s REACH 2023 study reveals that 45% of consumers in Mexico are likely to purchase a drink based on bartender recommendations, 43% are swayed by bartender recommendations even if they’ve already decided what they’re going to drink, and 43% enjoy being educated about the drinks being served to them by knowledgeable bartenders.


Furthermore, when asked about how they typically choose drinks when in cafes, restaurants, bars or similar venues, a third of consumers said they ask bartenders and waiting staff for recommendations, while a quarter ask what’s available.


For all these reasons, the combined data clearly demonstrates an invaluable opportunity for suppliers to connect with and drive advocacy among bartenders to gain competitive edge, enhance product positioning, and nurture stronger relationships within the bartender community.


An intricate understanding of market nuances and the needs of bartenders, managers and hospitality decision-makers are essential for making progress in this area. To this end, the country-specific BarSights data in the forthcoming report will equip suppliers to harness the vital influence bar staff have in the consumer path-to-purchase, ensuring their brands are being recommended.


With unprecedented insights and market intelligence, suppliers can gain a deeper understanding of what gets bartenders excited. This level of vision informs strategies tailored to meet their needs, empowering suppliers to stay ahead of popular drinks and emerging trends, as told by those on the industry frontline.


Ultimately, suppliers that know how best to interact with bartenders, from online communities and engagement programs to the role played by sales reps, are well-placed to enlist and shape an extended salesforce.


Mauricio Castellanos, CGA Mexico Leader, said: “Bartenders represent what’s often the last touch in the consumer path to purchase. So, there’s much to be gained for deeper supplier understanding of bartender brand and product knowledge, supplier familiarity, expertise and operational know-how. That means identifying supplier sentiment, what bar staff want from suppliers, what drives relations, and the types of incentives bartenders are really inspired to get behind.”


The Global Bartender Report presents an invaluable opportunity for beverage suppliers to connect with and drive advocacy among bartenders worldwide. This industry-leading study delves into the insights, preferences, and trends within the global bartender community. It also offers the opportunity to delve into market-specific insights based on a robust sample of 150 bartenders per country, providing Mexico-specific insights, findings and recommendations. 

Download more information about the report here. Or contact Mauricio Castellanos at mauricio.castellanos@nielseniq.com  to learn more.

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