Comprendiendo el impacto del bartender en el On Premise en México

El próximo estudio "Global Bartender Report" de CGA by NIQ confirma la influencia de las recomendaciones que tienen los barmans y mixólogos en la selección de las categorías y las marcas de bebidas cuando los consumidores realizan sus pedidos de forma presencial en el establecimiento (On Premise).
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Packed with thought-provoking, data-driven insights, the report is a must-read for vendors willing to infiltrate the bartending and bartender community to optimize their sales and amplify their brand.


Prior to the report’s release, data from the summer 2023 OPUS survey revealed the role that bar staff recommendations play in consumers’ choice of beverage category. Thus, when choosing drinks, a solid 33% of consumers allow bartenders and staff to make suggestions to recommend cocktails, followed by 25% of consumers who drink brandy, gin, craft beer and wine based on their recommendations.


Additionally, the “REACH 2023” study by CGA by NIQ reveals that 45% of consumers in Mexico are willing to buy a drink based on the bartender’s recommendations; 43% declare that even if they have already decided what to drink, they can modify their choice based on the staff’s recommendations, and 43% enjoy that qualified bartenders give them more information about the drinks they order.


Likewise, when asked how they usually choose their drinks when they go to cafes, restaurants, bars or similar establishments, a third of consumers stated that they ask bartenders and waiters for recommendations, while a quarter asks what drinks are available. available.


For these reasons, the combined data obtained clearly demonstrates a unique opportunity for suppliers to establish links with bartenders and mixologists, and promote their promotion among these professionals to gain a competitive advantage, improve product positioning, and foster stronger relationships within this.


A detailed understanding of the nuances of the market and the needs of bartenders, managers and hospitality executives is essential to making progress in this sector. That’s why country-specific BarSights data, included in the upcoming study, will allow suppliers to leverage the critical influence that bar staff have on the consumer purchasing process, ensuring their brands are the recommended.


With unprecedented insights and market intelligence, suppliers can better understand what motivates bartenders. This level of insight fuels strategies tailored to your needs, allowing suppliers to stay ahead of the hottest beverages and emerging trends, as dictated by industry leaders.


Finally, vendors who know how to optimally engage with bartenders and staff, from online communities and engagement programs to the role of sales reps, are in a good position to recruit and build a large sales team. .


Mauricio Castellanos, Customer Solutions Manager for CGA by NIQ in Mexico, stated: “Bartenders represent what is often the last step in the consumer purchasing process. Therefore, there is much to gain if suppliers have more knowledge of the staff and their level of familiarity and experience with your brand, as well as the products they have on hand, in addition to their own professional skills. This implies identifying the perception of the suppliers, what the bar staff expects from the suppliers , what drives the relationships between both groups, and the types of incentives that really motivate the staff.


The Global Bartender Report offers a unique opportunity for beverage suppliers to build links with bar staff globally and boost their promotion. This industry-leading study delves into the perceptions, preferences and trends of the bartending and bartender community worldwide. In turn, it provides the opportunity to deepen market-specific insights from a robust sample of 150 bartenders per country, providing insights, results, and recommendations specific to Mexico.


For more information, download the report here . Or contact Mauricio Castellanos via email .

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