Top shelf: Vodka Australia’s number one spirit, with Whiskey, Gin and Rum not far behind

Spirits sales volumes across 2023 fell -6.8% in the Australian On Premise as prices per 30ml increased +10.2%, but CGA by NIQ’s new On Premise Measurement solution reveals the areas of growth and opportunity for the category.
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OPM; the only fully projected, extensively validated, measure of beer and spirits in Australia’s On Premise, provides a comprehensive read of brand and category performance. OPM enables suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors alike, to track market share, benchmark brand sales and distribution against competitors as well as identify new opportunities in the market.


These latest insights reveal the category dynamics at play and the opportunities in pubs, clubs, bars, and restaurants across Australia.






1 Vodka is the category leader

Vodka has attracted around a third of spirits sales in Australia’s On Premise this year. CGA’s On Premise User Survey shows it has the widest consumer base too. Victoria over-indexes for vodka consumption compared to other big states like New South Wales and Queensland.


2 Whiskey, gin and rum complete the top four

Behind vodka in the spirits sales rankings this year come whiskey, gin and rum. Alongside vodka, these four big categories account for more than 80% of On Premise sales. Rum takes a significantly larger share of sales in Queensland, where it has been the fastest-growing category by volume this year.


3 Tequila is biggest in New South Wales

Below these top four, tequila continues to be a category to watch. New South Wales over-indexes other states for sales by volume.


4 Cognac and brandy are most expensive…

Across Australia, cognac and brandy currently have the highest prices per 30ml serve. This highlights the opportunities for premium and super-premium brands in these categories.


5 … While gin has held its prices

At the other end of the pricing ladder, gin has had the lowest level of average price increases in the On Premise in 2023. Many consumers remain sensitive to price in this part of the market.


CGA’s OPM service provides many more insights into category, state and pricing trends, plus outstanding brand-level data to unlock new sales and share in 2024. It is Australia’s only fully projected, extensively validated measure of spirits sales performance.  To discover more about how it can support your strategies, click here, and contact James Phillips, client solutions director – ANZ at CGA by NIQ at

Source: OPM Spirits Australia Data to YTD 5th December 2023

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