The rise of Craft Beer in the Australian On Premise

Craft beer drinkers in Australia are younger, more affluent and highly engaged with the On Premise – highlighting a lucrative consumer segment for both suppliers and operators, according to new research from CGA.

CGA’s new consumer research highlights that patrons are prepared to spend more across all formats for craft beer when compared to domestic alternatives, including 29% more for a pint. This correlates with craft beer drinkers typically spending more on eating and drinking out than average beer drinkers ($284 vs $220 per month), with a household income that is 18% higher.


Craft beer drinkers are specific about the components which define the category, stating that a unique flavour profile (34%), high quality ingredients (31%) and being owned by an independent company (22%) are key – an important consideration for brands when it comes to positioning their offering.


At a category level, typically craft beer consumers opt for pale ales, with over a third choosing it when out as opposed to lager (30%) and IPAs (19%). However more sophisticated craft serves are growing in popularity, such as fruit beer, craft stout and craft brown ale which are all being drank more frequently compared to a year ago. When selecting craft beer in the On Premise, patrons are more willing to explore the category, over-indexing for ‘New and interesting brands’ and ‘bar staff recommendations’ when compared to average beer drinkers.


Graeme Loudon, CGA’s managing director, EMEA & APAC, says: “With 26% of beer consumers in Australia opting for Craft Beer more frequently year-on-year in the On Premise, there is definite room for growth within the category. For brands who can demonstrate their craft beer credentials, emphasising high quality ingredients and unique flavour profiles, there’s an opportunity to tap into a growing consumer base who are looking to trial new offerings and are willing to spend more.”


CGA’s OPUS research in Australia is based on a survey of around 3,000 nationally representative consumers. It has many more insights into the craft beer trend, including important analysis of drinkers’ demographics and behaviours. To learn more, contact Graeme Loudon –


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