The occasion opportunity: How to keep consumers celebrating in the On Premise

Special occasions present a continuous cycle of opportunities for New Zealand’s hospitality industry. Yet frequent occasions are no guarantee consumers will flock to the On Premise to celebrate.
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CGA by NIQ’s Consumer Pulse+ Report explores how these celebrations can become a cornerstone for driving visitation and engagement. In turn, it signposts ways in which drinks brands, suppliers and venue operators can effectively unravel the complexities to tap into special occasion celebrations.


The report reveals a consumer psyche that’s tricky to categorise, with nearly half preferring the intimacy of home celebrations, and almost a third deterred by affordability concerns. Nevertheless, opportunity lies in these intersections, by re-imagining pleasurable On Premise experiences to meet these needs.


Personal milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, and parental celebrations (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day) make up the top 3 special occasions driving consumers to visit the On Premise . These preferences point to the enormous potential for designing promotional activities specifically targeting these occasions, while understanding and addressing the barriers and deterrents keeping consumers away from bars, restaurants and other venues.



Comparatively, those who do choose to make new memories in the On Premise are looking for a well-rounded experience, prioritizing high-quality products and a vibrant atmosphere. These insights suggest the decision to go out celebrating is more about perceived value of the experience rather than the price tag, despite cost being a factor.


Overall, the report denotes a multi-faceted approach, by creating intimate and affordable but alluring experiences to bridge the gap between home celebrations and On Premise outings. In addition, it’s vital these goals are supported with promotional activities in line with personal milestones, such as offering rewards for birthday and anniversary celebrations, besides ensuring bartenders are well-trained to deliver the exceptional experiences consumers aspire to during their special moments.


Tom Graham, client director – ANZ said: The latest report illustrates the value personal milestones can have in driving visitation and engagement in the On Premise. These consumer insights offer valuable guidance towards innovative strategies that ensure the On Premise remains a preferred destination for marking special occasions.”



CGA by NIQ’s OPUS will provide insights into On Premise occasion opportunities to enable you to build a winning On Premise strategy.


To learn more about consumer perceptions and interactions with the On Premise in 2024, get in touch with Tom Graham at , or download more information and examples of the data and insights included in CGA’s Pulse+ subscription here.

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