Stanley Cup Playoffs & Mother’s Day spark top On Premise sales week

CGA by NIQ’s latest Canada On Premise Sales Impact Report reveals the week ending May 18th has emerged as the most valuable week of the year so far nationally for the average On Premise outlet.

To fully understand the dynamic mix of factors at play, the report’s powerful BeverageTrak data probes the positive impact of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and Mother’s Day on the hospitality sector at this milestone for drinks brands, suppliers, and venue operators.


The growing consumer appetite and increased footfall in On Premise venues can be attributed to the excitement surrounding the Stanley Cup Playoffs, such as:


  • Ontario and Quebec – Ticket counts have surged by 6% in Ontario and 5% in Quebec over the past two weeks, reaching peak levels for 2024.


  • British Columbia – A 6% drop in velocity across British Columbia after the elimination of the Canucks shows the impact local team participation has on driving traffic and sales to On Premise venues in the area.


  • Alberta – The province experienced its most valuable week to date, making a tally of four consecutive weeks of velocity levels above 2023, with a 5% increase compared to last year.


  • Edmonton – Velocity in Alberta’s capital city saw a desirable +25% increase during Game 6 against Vancouver, although it dropped by 7% in the subsequent Game 2 of the Western Conference finals which was hosted in Dallas, demonstrating the impact of home games versus away games on bars, pubs, restaurants and similar venues.


In addition, the week ending May 18th also benefited from a Mother’s Day boost on May 12th. Besides Hockey fever, Mother’s Day contributed to sales uplifts across all provinces. In fact, the day became the most valuable Sunday of 2024 to date, with a giant 74% velocity uplift compared to average Sundays, driven by increases in both ticket count (31%) and check value (33%).


Ontario saw the strongest increase at 93%, followed by Alberta at 77%, British Columbia at 73%, and Quebec at 40% compared to the same day a week ago.


In terms of preferred venue types, demand for food eclipsed drinking, with the average restaurant earning 75% more than on an average Sunday.


Both eating and drinking venues slightly outperformed 2023, with drinking outlets experiencing a double-digit uplift in average check value compared to Mother’s Day last year.


Looking ahead, the next sales report will capture shifts in metrics throughout the remainder of the Stanley Cup Finals, providing valuable insights for industry stakeholders.


Mitch Stefani, Client Solutions Director for the Americas said: “Sales during major events like the Stanley Cup Playoffs and Mother’s Day can make or break an entire year in the On Premise sector. This is why it’s so crucial for drinks brand, suppliers and operators to be equipped to thrive when demand is high, but when competition levels also rise accordingly. Our insights enable stakeholders to strategize with confidence, ensuring they’re ready to capitalize on peak consumer engagement periods.”



CGA’s On Premise Impact Reports help suppliers and operators across food and beverage keep a pulse on the industry by featuring current insights derived from best-in-class data tools.


To find out more about BeverageTrak’s capabilities and how they can help your On Premise strategy, get in touch with Mitch Stefani, Client Solutions Director – Or click here to find out more about Canada On Premise Impact Reports.

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