Vineyards and Wineries prove popular in New Zealand, offering an alternative to traditional On Premise venues 

There is a growing trend among New Zealand consumers for visiting alternative On Premise venues offering experiential drinking occasions. The latest New Zealand On Premise Pulse+ Report from CGA by NIQ delves into the relevance of these alternative experiences, revealing interesting ways to engage with new consumer segments and drive growth.
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The Pulse+ Report highlights vineyards and wineries are the most popular alternative venues, being over 15% more popular than spirit distilleries or breweries among New Zealand consumers. Almost half (47%) say they have visited vineyards, and wineries (46%), slightly more than those visiting breweries (39%), and distilleries (22%).


The high popularity of wine-based venues such as vineyards and wineries serve as a model for other specialty venues to learn and adapt. Breweries and spirit distilleries can draw inspiration from the success of wine-based venues by translating the factors most appealing to consumer preferences.


It’s essential for brands and venue operators to understand the type of consumer who frequents these venues, and the report offers key information such as the primary drivers for visitation. A large proportion like to visit these venues for special occasions (50%) or as something to do whilst on holiday (37%). Additionally, relaxed, quiet drinks (30%), specific events (29%), on-the-go experiences while traveling (28%), and romantic occasions (26%) each influence when over a quarter of consumers would think about visiting an alternative venue.


The report also identifies several key influences attracting consumer visits. Leading the list is the desire for new experiences (49%), followed by personal interest (38%) and the pursuit of authentic experiences (37%). Socializing with like-minded people, supporting locally produced brands, and discovering new brands and drinks are also significant motivators.


For all those reasons, it’s a strategic move for alternative venue operators and marketers to reach out to targeted consumers seeking to celebrate special occasions. Additionally, highlighting the local heritage of the region can further amplify the appeal.


The report demonstrates many good reasons for doing so, with high levels of On to Off Premise cross-pollination and consumer advocacy potential during and after visits to alternative venues, due to the following consumer behaviors:


  • Likely to recommend the venue to friends and family (41%)
  • Purchase products from the venue to take home (37%)
  • Recommend the brand (33%)
  • Purchase the brand in other settings such as shops or grocery stores (31%)


Ultimately, specialty venues represent a unique opportunity to make memories for consumers, while simultaneously expanding brand reach. This is because engaging and authentic experiences encourage consumers to become advocates, recommend brands to friends and family, and continue purchasing in other settings.


Tom Graham, Client Success  – ANZ said: “Specialty venues provide an exceptional platform for reaching new customers and making impressions that last long after visits are over. For these purposes, getting to grips with consumer motivations and behaviors helps brands and operators to tailor highly targeted strategies, leading to sustainable growth and increased brand loyalty,”


CGA by NIQ’s OPUS provide insights into On Premise occasion opportunities to enable you to build a winning On Premise strategy.


To learn more about consumer perceptions and interactions with the On Premise in 2024, get in touch with Tom Graham at , or download more information and examples of the data and insights included in CGA’s Pulse+ subscription here.

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