St Patrick’s Day gives the On Premise a Spring bounce

With St Patrick’s Day falling on a Friday this year, pubs, bars and suppliers will get a welcome boost to drinks sales—and of stout and spirits in particular.

CGA by NIQ’s sales measurement service provides insights into what the On Premise can expect based on previous occasions. It shows that LAD sales in managed outlets on St Patrick’s Day in 2022 were worth an average of £1,157—£212 more than the average Thursday over the year.


As is tradition, pub and bar goers turned to the popular Irish stout to celebrate the occasion. Stout brought in an average of £323 to managed On Premise outlets—an uplift of £237 on the annual average. Stout accounted for 14.2% of total beer sales by value on St Patrick’s Day—more than triple the annual average.


Meanwhile spirits drew average sales of £484 per outlet—30.3% more than the average Thursday in 2022. The rate of sale for imported whiskey and vodka both grew by more than 50%.


CGA’s data also shows the halo effect of the occasion, as extra sales spill over into the days before and after. The rate of sale for spirits on the Saturday after St Patrick’s Day in 2022 was 11.2% above the average Saturday, generating £1,408 per managed outlet. This indicates that venues should enjoy an upswing in stout and spirits on Saturday as well as Friday.


CGA’s senior client manager Matthew Meek said: “St Patrick’s Day is the first impactful special occasion of the year in the On Premise, and it will be a timely boost after challenging trading conditions in the first few months of 2023. With Mother’s Day following on Sunday, it should be a very strong weekend of sales, though the rate of growth will depend on factors including consumer confidence and the weather. Venues that execute drinks activations well will have a useful springboard for the next few months.”


CGA’s research provides crucial insights into sales trends and consumers’ behaviour on special occasions like St Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day, helping suppliers and operators to capitalise on drinkers’ preferences and market dynamics. To learn more, email Matthew Meek at

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