REACH into the global On Premise with CGA by NIQ

CGA by NIQ is revealing new insights into consumers’ engagement with the On Premise around the world—and you can get an exclusive view of them on Wednesday 10 July.

The REACH study delivers expert analysis of 38 key countries, with responses from around 30,000 On Premise consumers and 600 operators. The survey complements a range of other CGA sources, including sales and outlet measurement and deep dives into On Premise users’ habits, to create a 360-degree view of markets and help suppliers gain a competitive advantage.  


REACH highlights the enduring appeal of the On Premise across the world, with 83% of consumers visiting it at least quarterly and 62% doing so weekly. Weekly engagement is even higher in regions including Asia and Africa, where some of suppliers’ biggest growth opportunities lie.  


There are also some positive signs for consumer spending over the rest of 2024 and beyond. Globally, a quarter (26%) of consumers say they will visit the On Premise more over the next three months—double the number (12%) who plan to reduce their frequency. REACH’s operator survey meanwhile shows 81% of leaders are optimistic about the sector’s prospects. 


But to capitalise on growth opportunities, suppliers and operators need to respond nimbly to the latest trends in consumers’ preferences. REACH spotlights some of the most significant shifts to track, including: 


  • Alcohol moderation… Well over a third (37%) of consumers are drinking less alcohol, while only 13% are drinking more 


  • Earlier occasions… There’s a global trend for going out to eat and drink earlier in the day—providing challenges for the spirits category in particular, but opens up lower-tempo and with-food sales opportunities 


  • Pressure on spending… REACH indicates polarisation in consumers’ finances with many of those in Europe and north America worse off than a year ago while other regions see a reversal of the trend, with many consumers better off than a year ago 


  • Interest in value AND quality… Polarisation is focusing many consumers’ minds on value but demand for premium options remains very high—leading to a trend for quality over quantity 


  • Quest for experiences… Consumers are seeking high-quality all-round experiences rather than just food and drink, and they’re often turning online or to social media to find them 


Charlie Mitchell​ Head of Insights &​ Consumer Research,​ CGA by NIQ
George Argyropoulos​
Client Solutions Director,​

REACH reveals many more trends in consumers’ On Premise engagement around the world, with takeaways to help all drinks brands gain equity. It provides in-depth analysis of preferences, occasions, consumption, categories, purchase-drivers and much more—all focused on increasing trial, loyalty and sales. 


CGA by NIQ’s Charlie Mitchell and George Argyropoulos  presented an exclusive webinar on the latest global On Premise trends from the REACH research.  Click here to watch the full webinar on demand. 


To learn more about REACH and discuss expert bespoke analysis, contact Charlie Mitchell here.  

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