Pubs and bars ready to shoot for Euros sales

As football fans in England and Scotland get ready for the Euro 2024 football tournament, CGA by NIQ research reveals the opportunities for extra sales in pubs and bars screening games.

CGA’s latest BrandTrack survey indicates that nearly half (46%) of British consumers plan to watch games in the competition—and the number rises to 53% of people who drink beer and cider. Two in five (40%) consumers plan to watch matches in pubs and bars, and just over two thirds (70%) of them think that going out to see games is better than staying at home.  


The tournament is likely to bring a surge in footfall, as more than three quarters (79%) expect to go out to pubs and bars more often while it’s on. CGA’s trading data shows matchdays at the last Euros and World Cup triggered big uplifts in trading, with LAD category sales 14% higher on 2022 World Cup matchdays than on the equivalent days in 2021. 


However, pubs and bars will have to compete for consumers’ attention during the tournament. With 44% of those who plan to stay at home doing so because they think they will have a better atmosphere; venues will need to offer some compelling reasons to attract people out to watch games. A fifth (21%) say they’ll stay at home because they don’t want to spend too much, so good value—including through deals and promotions—will be another way to tempt people to pubs and bars. 


The scale of the Euros boost will also depend on how far England and Scotland progress. While previous tournaments have triggered big sales spikes on England’s matchdays, games involving other nations do not significantly impact trading.  


CGA by NIQ provides more insights into the value of big sporting occasions to pubs and bars in a special report with Sky Business. This highlights the spending power of consumers watching games, who spend an average of 36% more than those who don’t visit pubs and bars for live sport. It also revealed the importance to venues of screening games, as nearly nine in ten (87%) sports fans will stay longer in a venue if sport is on—and nearly as many (83%) will spend more on drink and food on these occasions than on non-sporting visits. Showing sport can also boost loyalty, as 89% of sports fans are more likely to revisit a pub or bar if they know games are screened.  


Violetta Njunina, client director at CGA, said: “Euro 2024 brings some great opportunities for pubs, bars and drinks suppliers—especially as this will be the first major football tournament that is free from COVID restrictions for six years. But it’s important to remember that while many consumers are eager to watch the Euros, many are still affected by the cost of living crisis, while others aren’t interested. For all venues, balancing the needs of these very different consumer groups, and finding the right formula of value and atmosphere to tempt sports fans out of home, will be crucial.” 


The Euro 2024 tournament gets underway on Friday 14 June, and CGA will be tracking sales performance throughout the event. Click here to learn more about CGA’s sales measurement solutions, and click here to discover how consumer insights can support successful engagement strategies in Britain’s On Premise. 

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