Italian On Premise Gears Up for Gold During Paris Olympics

As the Paris Olympics approach, the Italian On Premise sector is poised to engage consumers in fresh and innovative ways. CGA by NIQ’s On Premise insights explore the potential for drinks brands and venues to deliver a winning performance.

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Ahead of the Games, visitation rates are consistent at both food-led and drink-led venues, with a 5pp rise in the frequency of consumers dining out compared to March. This growing appetite for visiting bars, restaurants and other similar venues reflects renewed consumer confidence and spending as economic conditions improve.   


This welcome uplift opens opportunities for hospitality venues to attract, retain and nurture consumers with curated experiences and promotions to enhance satisfaction levels and drive repeat visits. 


Additionally, weekday visitation patterns are also on the way up, with a marked increase in consumers going out on Thursdays and Fridays. This shift suggests industry stakeholders who optimise operations and marketing efforts during these peak days are well placed to maximise engagement, footfall, and sales. 


So, what drinks are winning favour among Italian consumers? CGA by NIQ’s Consumer Pulse Report indicates a substantial increase of almost a fifth (19%) in the popularity of aperitifs compared to the previous year. Likewise, cocktails such as Whiskey Sour, Pina Colada, and Spritz have surged in popularity, while others like Mojito, Hugo, and Pornstar Martini are in decline. These insights offer valuable cues for adjusting beverage offerings in alignment with current consumer preferences. 


Looking ahead, the Paris Olympic Games are expected to further influence consumer behaviour. Specifically, more than three quarters (82%) of Italians plan to watch the Games, presenting a ready-made chance for drinks brands, suppliers and venue operators to tap into the national mood and enter into the spirit of the occasion. 


Furthermore, over a quarter (26%) of Italian consumers plan to watch the Paris Olympics while enjoying their preferred drinks. In fact, over half of them (55%) intend to enjoy live sports viewing while drinking beer, a third (33%) aperitifs, and almost a third (31%) cocktails.  


As the excitement for the Paris Olympics builds, there has never been a better time to harness these insights. By streamlining operations, adjusting menu options, and tailoring experiences, suppliers and venues can leverage Olympic enthusiasm both during the Games and after the final medal has been awarded.  


Daniela CardaciottoItaly On Premise Sales Leader said: “The insights from our latest Report signify an optimistic outlook for the Italian On Premise sector, especially in the context of the Paris Olympics. With well thought out strategies to supply to consumer demands, both drinks brands and venues have a prime opportunity to engage their existing customer bases, while also attracting new segments, in doing so driving sustained growth and success.” 


The monthly On Premise Consumer Pulse reports are a fast turnaround ‘temperature check’ of the channel and the consumers who visit bars and restaurants in Italy. Download the latest Consumer Pulse Report here. 


CGA’s OPUS research offer a comprehensive suite of tools for On Premise businesses to make informed decisions and drive success. The former provides insights into category, channel, occasion, and brand questions, aiding in sales and marketing strategy optimisation in various On Premise markets. Get in touch with us today! 

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