Effective bartender engagement can win big sales in South Korea’s On Premise

Bartender engagement helps drinks suppliers improve advocacy and sales in South Korea’s On Premise—and new research from CGA by NIQ provides the vital insights to achieve it.

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The exclusive South Korea Bartender Report has expert analysis of bartenders’ roles, preferences and influence. It is based on CGA’s major BarSights survey of 150 bartenders in the country and shows nearly nine in ten (88%) of them recommend drinks to guests every week. A similar number (87%) say guests purchase those recommendations every time, almost every time or most times.


CGA’s REACH survey of On Premise visitors confirms the value of bartenders. Nearly a third (32%) of consumers say bar professionals are a factor in their choice of drink—the third most important factor. Nearly two thirds (62%) agree that they can be swayed by bartender recommendations, even if they have already decided what they want to drink.


Bartenders can also help consumers learn about drinks brands and categories. Half (49%) of consumers agree they enjoy being educated about the drinks they are served by knowledgeable bartenders.


The South Korea Bartender Report provides many more insights into bartenders in the country and their interaction with drinks brands. Three quarters (73%) of them believe strong and positive relations with suppliers and distributors are important to the success of their bar, and well over a quarter (29%) think visits from brand ambassadors will become even more important in the future.


The report also sets out bartenders’ views on key issues including social media and menus, with actionable takeaways to help suppliers secure their endorsements.


Jaepil Sohn, CGA by NIQ’s client solutions associate director, South Korea, said: “Our research makes clear that South Korea’s consumers enjoy learning more about drinks, and they value their servers’ suggestions. However, with only a fifth of guests asking for guidance, it is important that bartenders take a proactive approach to making recommendations. Suppliers facilitating brand ambassador visits and fostering engagement initiatives stand to cultivate strong advocacy. Winning strategies should begin by properly understanding the priorities of bartenders, which can deliver a significant return on investment.”


The South Korea Bartender Report is designed to help all drinks businesses explore consumers’ paths to purchase and identify opportunities for bartender engagement. It is available to buy now. For more information, contact Jaepil Sohn here. 


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