Consumers adopt a flexi-sober lifestyle in 2024

Consumers are exploring a ‘drinking flexitarian’ lifestyle in 2024, according to the latest Fentimans Premium Soft Drinks and Mixers Market Report, in collaboration with CGA by NIQ. 
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As consumers seek beverages with lower alcohol, the importance of high-quality soft drinks and mixers has been raised in 2024.  


Fentimans, the premium soft drinks and mixers brand, has released the fifth edition of its Market Report, in partnership with CGA by NIQ, exploring the changing attitudes and behaviours of consumers in both the On Trade and Off Trade industries over the last 18 months. It looks deep into the impact of consumers drinking less but better, the surge of no and low alcohol and the rise in food-led occasions.  


A key trend explored in the report is the significant increase in the consumption of no and low alcohol beverages, particularly within the cocktail category. This comes as people continue to be health conscious in 2024, with more than two thirds (70%) of consumers proactively trying to lead a healthy lifestyle – a figure that has sustained since last year.  


According to the CGA BrandTrack survey, half of consumers (50%) have bought mocktails or virgin alternatives in the past 12 months, a 15% increase compared to 2023 (35%). What’s more, two in five (41%) consumers have chosen a no or low alcohol beer in the last 12 months, while a smaller but significant number have also opted for no and low alternatives to cider (17%), spirits (12%), and wine (12%) – figures that have continued to grow year on year. 


The data shows more than a fifth (22%) of consumers have reduced the amount of alcohol they drink in an average week, opting for no and low options for everyday casual eating and drinking occasions with family and friends.  


The decision to cut-down and embrace a ‘flexi-sober’ lifestyle is largely due to consumers looking to cut down their high alcohol intake (47%), however, it is also fuelled by price and a desire to save money without compromising on the quality of the drinks they consume.   


Mark Platten, Marketing Manager at Fentimans commented: “Reduction in alcohol is now viewed as a permanent change in consumer behaviour rather than a trend. There are now extensive options when it comes to no and low alcohol spirits and beers but there is also a place for premium soft serves that delight consumers without replicating the taste of alcohol.

It’s important to give consumer choice on menu and create more ‘soft first’ serves with the option to add alcohol if desired but either way, taste great. At Fentimans we have focused on creating standout serves which give operators the opportunity to delight consumers while keeping things simple behind the bar.”


The 2024 Fentimans Premium Soft Drinks and Mixers Market Report provides many more insights into these key sectors of the On Premise. It combines CGA’s extensive market data with Fentimans’ experience to analyse the big market trends that will affect soft drinks and mixers in 2024, including the cost of living crisis, changing consumer habits and technology. Click here to download the full report for free.

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