CGA Links Mobile Sports Betting to increased Bar/Restaurant Drink Consumption

Mobile sports betting linked to increased spend and consumer engagement in Bars and Restaurants presents lucrative opportunities for Operators, CGA’s first study of its kind reveals.

Operators: the real winners of mobile sports betting  

Looking specifically at Illinois, which legalized mobile sports betting in June 2020, CGA found that 22% of consumers have participated in mobile sports betting while at a bar or restaurant. In New York, where legislation supporting legal sports betting is expected to pass, 43% of consumers say they would participate in sports betting while out at bars and restaurants. While still appealing to a minority of consumers, mobile sports betting is quietly changing On Premise behavior.  


An astounding 70% of On Premise visitors agreed they would order more drinks if watching a game they placed a bet on opposed to one they did not. Given that baseline, it is unsurprising, yet significant, that 79% of bettors between the age of 35-54 agree that they are more likely to stay at a bar or restaurant for another drink if they win a bet. 


Bars and restaurants poised for longer visits 

So, what does On Premise mobile sports betting engagement look like? In Illinois, 61% of sports bettors have placed bets at Sports Bars and 41% have done so at Neighborhood Bars. These subchannels lead betting engagement and are well positioned to benefit. Streaming relevant sports is key and the right sport schedule mix can prove more lucrative than showing a rerun of Die Hard 2. Football is the most popular sport to wager on with 62% of bettors participating, followed by College Basketball at 44%, and Baseball at 40%. 


Also encouraging for Operators, 71% of respondents agreed that mobile sports betting would keep them at a bar or restaurant longer. To complement the occasion, 39% of visitors drink beer while watching sports. 12% of On Premise bettors typically drink shots – however CGA believes there is opportunity for more Shot Category engagement given strong correlation to celebratory occasions in the On Premise.  


Value-added offers for consumers 

Alexandra Martin, Operator & Analytics Director, Americas, said: “Operators must offer consumers value they cannot replicate at home in order to become a sports betting destination. A predictable schedule of televised games available along with compelling food and drink offers can help bars build sustainable incremental revenue”. 


CGA offers data-led insights to help operators maximize the betting occasion through optimized assortment, pricing, daypart offers and promotional ROI. 


If you are interested in learning more about CGA’s Operator services, please contact Alexandra Martin at 

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