CGA by NIQ’s pioneering collaboration with NICE ZiniData in Alcohol Sales analytics set to revolutionise the Korean On Premise

CGA by NIQ has entered into a new partnership with Korea-based big data consulting firm NICE ZiniData, adding its extensive point-of-sale (POS) data on alcohol sales for Korean restaurants to CGA’s leading On Premise analytics and tracking solutions.

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This data, sourced from over 200,000 domestic establishments, equips CGA by NIQ with a deeper understanding of alcohol and beverage consumption trends in the food service sector and enhances its analytical capabilities for alcohol sales data from local restaurants. 


In the first half of 2024, CGA by NIQ will launch Beverage Trak, an advanced liquor sales analytics solution crafted from store POS data provided by NICE ZiniData. This groundbreaking solution empowers customers to track alcohol consumption trends and assess the impact of one-time promotions with precision. 


Looking ahead to the second half of the year, CGA by NIQ plans to introduce the On Premise Measurement (OPM) solution to the Korean beverage industry. This comprehensive tool will enable the tracking of alcohol sales across the entire domestic food service market, both nationally and regionally, categorized by manufacturer and brand. This strategic move brings the complete suite of analytics solutions offered by CGA by NIQ  to the Korean market.  


“Through this collaboration with NICE ZiniData, we will be able to accurately and in a timely manner measure alcohol consumption trends in the Korean  market.,” Jaepil Sohn, Client Solutions Director at CGA stated. “Leveraging CGA’s 30+ years of research and data analytics expertise, we will provide a variety of insights that can be directly applied to all stages of the market cycle, including production, distribution, and promotions.” 


CGA by NIQ now provides the Full View of the South Korean drinks Consumer and brand performance across both On- and- Off Premise integration.   

To learn more about CGA’s On Premise consumer research and market measurement capabilities in South Korea, please contact Jaepil Sohn at 

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