CGA by NIQ introduces cutting-edge On Premise solutions to Southeast Asia, unveiling crucial insights into regional consumer behaviour

CGA by NIQ is revolutionising the beverage industry in Southeast Asia with its cutting-edge On Premise solutions, offering invaluable insights into regional consumer behaviour. With a proven track record of delivering excellent consumer research insights globally for over 30 years, CGA by NIQ brings unparalleled expertise to empower beverage suppliers in navigating the vibrant markets of Southeast Asia.
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Introducing the best-in-class On Premise User Survey (OPUS), CGA by NIQ sets a new standard in market research excellence for Southeast Asia. This online study engages with 8,000 consumers across six countries—Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore—over a three-month period, providing a panoramic view of consumer preferences and capturing the nuances of the region’s diverse landscapes.  


Southeast Asian consumers display a remarkable frequency of visits to On Premise establishments, with an impressive 84% visiting weekly (+14pp vs APAC average), with a higher number of weekly visitors, especially amongst Indonesia and Vietnam. While 39% of consumers visit for events or special occasions, 36% opt for drink-led occasions, and 25% for food-led occasions. Understanding consumer channel behaviour, needs, influences, and preferences allows suppliers and operators in the region not only to strategically segment consumer groups but also to craft compelling sales stories that effectively target and engage them.  


Vodka and whiskey emerge as the most popular spirit choices among Southeast Asian On Premise consumers. Quality remains a top priority when selecting drinks in the channel, with 39% actively seeking high-quality options. Furthermore, this underscores a golden opportunity for premiumisation for drink brands, with 45% of On Premise spirit drinkers expressing a strong willingness to pay extra for a better quality drink. By leveraging key consumer insights from OPUS, beverage suppliers can drive category sales growth and optimize their marketing strategies to meet consumer demands.  


OPUS focuses on empowering sales conversations by equipping beverage brands with detailed consumer profiles, providing a competitive advantage in the market. Moreover, beyond sales, OPUS offers comprehensive brand and marketing insights, facilitating refined strategies and meaningful engagement with On Premise consumers. 


Scott Elliott, Managing Director of New Market Development: said, “This expansion into Southeast Asia marks a significant milestone for CGA, and is further evidence of our commitment to keep bringing new, best-in-class, On Premise insights to the Asia Pacific region. Used by the majority of the leading beverage brands around the world, OPUS has been proven time and again to offer the richest insights available anywhere into the On Premise consumer’s behaviours, preferences and decision making. I’m delighted that even at this early stage, OPUS: Southeast Asia has already been so well received with a number of the leading beverage suppliers in the region already starting to use this unique dataset to help refine GTM tactics and to add more value to their most important customers. 


With unparalleled specialization in the On Premise channel, OPUS offers insights specifically tailored for the complex spirits category, including cocktail and mixed drink preferences. Trusted by leading beverage companies globally, OPUS has established itself as the reliable source, reflecting its credibility and effectiveness in delivering actionable insights. Backed by expert-driven deliverables, OPUS ensures a nuanced understanding of the beverage industry, enhancing the quality and relevance of the information provided. Contact Scott Elliott today to elevate your brand strategy with CGA’s On Premise intelligence solutions. 


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