Brunch occasions and Happy Hour offer midweek On Premise visitation and sales opportunities in Canada

Mondays have seen the biggest increase in visitation over the last 3 months, the latest CGA by NielsenIQ On Premise Consumer Pulse report shows.
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Lunchtimes are more popular across Mondays (27%), Tuesdays (37%), Wednesdays (29%), Thursdays (28%), and Sundays (25%), compared to Friday’s (21%) and Saturday’s (18%). This shows that, although typically the weekend is more of a chosen day to go and visit the On Premise, and more popular with evening day parts, there’s still a strong appeal to visit during the week.  


Research suggests that Happy Hour is more popular Monday-Friday, and this occasion is reaping the benefits of confident consumers now back working in offices and visit with co- workers for after-work drinks. In addition, this could coincide with 30% of consumers saying they typically spend less on a weekday visit – consumers could be opting for more price-sensitive offerings and occasions.  


The report also highlights that 25% of consumers are visiting the On Premise less often than usual, with the top two reasons for this being cost of living increases (65%) and price increases in eating and drinking out (62%). This suggests that for those consumers looking to spend less, Happy Hour could be their solution in getting more value for money, while still prioritising On Premise visits. Exploring anticipated behaviours of consumers visiting bars and restaurants is key. CGA’s Cost of Living study explores this impact on behaviour already and how it will impact them moving forward, enabling suppliers and operators to navigate through. 


Almost 40% of consumers said that in the last 3 months they’ve visited the On Premise more often than usual with the leading visitation reason being consumers wanting to treat themselves (30%). So, despite a proportion of consumers spending less on their On Premise visits, data demonstrates that there’s a strong On Premise appeal which consumers will continue to maintain – not only visiting on the typically busier days, but consistent visitation on weekdays. 


Matt Crompton CGA

Matthew Crompton, Regional Director – North America said: “Although we can see a number of consumers opting to be more restrictive in their spending in the On Premise due to cost of living increases, there’s still a huge appeal for many to continue visiting the channel across all days of the week. Suppliers and Operators need to consider how changing preferences in daypart visitation and the appeal of different occasions can influence their strategies to make the most of these visits.”  


The Consumer On Premise Impact Report is a consumer research report tracking and reflecting on how consumers currently feel about the On Premise, and how the sector can position its offering to increase visitation. The latest On Premise Impact Report by CGA, along with other special reports issued over the past several weeks, can be found here.


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