Bars a lucrative channel in South Africa’s On Premise

Bars offer drinks brands a great platform for engaging lucrative younger consumers in South Africa’s On Premise—and CGA by NIQ’s research service provides the bedrock for successful strategies. Scott Elliott and George Argyropoulos share insights from their recent roadshow across South Africa.

The route to 20 and 30-somethings 

CGA’s in-depth survey of consumers reveals well over a quarter (29%) of South Africans typically visit bars—rising to 36% of those aged 35 to 44. And while 11% of consumers use late-night bars, the proportion is much higher in the 25-to-34 year-old bracket, at 18%.


Younger adults tend to eat and drink out often and are ready to spend money on drinks. Half (49%) of South Africans say they go out at least weekly, but the figure soars to 70% among those who visit bars—and it’s even higher at 77% among late-night bar users.


People in their 20s and 30s are some of South Africa’s most lucrative consumers, and bars are an ideal channel to reach them,” says Scott Elliott. “Younger consumers often have more disposable income, and they’re ready to try new brands, flavours and experiences. Providing them with the right range and value and crafting distinctive activations can unlock valuable sales, especially late at night.”


A place to build beer and spirits brands 

Research also uncovers the preferences of bar users to help suppliers and operators optimise promotions. The survey indicates that beer and cider are the two most popular categories in bars and late-night bars, but spirits—especially neat—are sought-after too. Gin, vodka and whiskey are the three most popular spirits among all consumers, while cognac, amarula and brandy are among those with the most interest in premium options. 





Bars, late-night bars and nightclubs are ideal launchpads for spirits and beer brands,” says George Argyropoulos. “Engaging consumer with categories and brands at a younger age is doubly powerful, because it not only generates sales in the short-term but potentially creates brand loyalists and advocates for many years to come. Investing in an expert understanding of the demographics and drinks preferences of users is the first step towards winning strategies in South Africa’s bars and all other On Premise venues.” 



Learn more 

CGA by NIQ’s consumer research delivers many more insights into consumers’ engagement with late night bars in South Africa’s On Premise. People’s habits and preferences can vary from group to group, channel to channel and occasion to occasion, so precise, data-led targeting is needed to unlock short-term gains and sharpen long-term planning. To learn more about how CGA’s research solutions support winning On Premise activity, get in touch here 

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