A long-awaited return for nightclubs means changes for suppliers in the industry

Research from CGA shows encouraging signs for operators and suppliers in the drinking-out market, but reveals crucial changes in consumers’ habits and attitudes

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On Premise consumers in France are eager to return to nightclubs when they reopen shortly—but the sector is going to look very different to before COVID-19.


Those are among the key messages from in-depth CGA research ahead of the reopening of clubs at 75% capacity on Friday 9 July. It shows that half (49%) of nightclub users plan to visit more often than they did before the pandemic, while nearly as many (45%) plan to spend more on eating and drinking out—significantly higher than France’s average consumer (29%).


Restrictions in the opening of nightclubs have led to some important changes in the sales mix within the sector. Spirits that depend heavily on nightclubs for sales have had a difficult year due to the closure of nightclubs. Most notably vodka—which sold 23% of its volume through nightclubs in 2019, compared to 7% for average spirits—has lost 1% of its share of total spirits sales. Dark rum, which sold 10% of its total volume through nightclubs in 2019, lost 1% of its share of rum sales in the wake of closures.


CGA’s research has many more crucial insights into nightclub users and their evolving habits, including their focus on value, experimentation and planning. It reveals:


  • Nearly half (47%) say they are likely to try new drinks brands—much higher than the average (29%)
  • Twice as many nightclub users (39%) than average consumers (21%) are likely to book tables when they go out.
  • A fifth (19%) plan where to go based on offers and discounts—twice the all-consumer average (10%)


Graeme Loudon, CGA managing director EMEA and APAC, said: “There are some positive signs as France’s nightclub market reopens, and our research suggests that consumers will quickly return to big nights out and experiential occasions when they can. But as they do, their standards and habits will have changed in subtle but important ways—especially in their drinks choices. If suppliers and operators can achieve a deep understanding of the new-look nightclub consumer, there are some great opportunities to drive sales volumes as the sector comes back.”


For more information about CGA’s market measurement and consumer research and how it can help operators and suppliers to optimise sales and marketing strategies in the reopened market, , please contact Ben Krzysica at Ben.Krzysica@cgastrategy.com.

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