4th of July: An on premise occasion for all

Independence Day – also known as the 4th of July – is officially here. As Americans prepare to head out to join the celebrations, bars and restaurants are gearing up for one of the busiest days of the year for the On Premise. Coming in just behind New Years eve (44%) and the Superbowl (38%), Independence Day is the third biggest eating / drinking occasion in the US, with 34% of average US consumers heading out to take part.

Based on exclusive Nielsen CGA On Premise User Survey (OPUS) data, Independence Day is a catch-all event, attracting a wide breadth of consumers regardless of age, gender, income and monthly spend. So what does this mean for the on premise? For bars and restaurants looking to bring in extra revenue on 4th July,  specific consumer targeting is unlikely to have any significant impact on their footfall and sales. Rather, bars and restaurants should focus on drink selection and special offers to appeal to the masses and outsell their competitors.

Looking further into NCGA’s OPUS results, US-centric drinks perform best, with 41% of imbibers choosing domestic American beer (vs craft beer at 26%), closely followed by cocktails and soft drinks, both at 28%. With these metrics in mind, a combination of competitive beer offers + attractive, on-theme cocktails / mocktails are key for bars and restaurants looking to attract a wide breadth of consumers.

Ultimately, the 4th of July promises to be a busy day for the On Premise. But those who focus on their domestic beer offering and cocktail game are likely to out-perform those in their local market and tap into more opportunities as they draw in a diverse set of customers. A little patriotism and creativity may also help draw in celebratory customers looking for a unique and memorable experience.


On Premise User Survey (OPUS) by Nielsen CGA

NCGA’s On Premise User Survey provides the ultimate understanding of how consumers interact with US brands. It tells you not just what people think about your products (and those of your competitors), but reveals how they interact with them; what they buy, the places they visit, when they buy or visit them, and, most important, why. Fore more information on OPUS, simply email our Client Solutions Director Matthew Crompton.

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