Miller & Carter leads on loyalty

Miller & Carter, Wahaca, Cosmo, Five Guys and Las Iguanas are the five eating-out brands with the most loyal customers, CGA Peach data reveals.

Miller & Carter, Wahaca, Cosmo, Five Guys and Las Iguanas are the five eating-out brands with the most loyal customers, CGA Peach data reveals.

Using measures of consumers’ intentions to revisit and recommend brands, CGA Peach is able to distinguish brands’ ‘loyal core’ groups—and steakhouse group Miller & Carter has more than two in five (41%) of its consumers in this segment. Close behind are Mexican brand Wahaca (39%), followed by Cosmo (37%), Five Guys (36%) and Las Iguanas (36%).

CGA Peach’s research also finds that consumers may be more fickle about brands than they sometimes realise. While 32% of consumers feel they are loyal to the average eating-out brand, only 27% actually behave in this way with their visits.

But the stats debunk another popular argument—that millennials are the most disloyal of British adults. Among this demographic, 11% believe they are actively disloyal to brands—way more than the 4% of 55-plus year-olds who feel the same. However, in practice millennials are actually just as likely to behave in a loyal way as other age groups. A quarter (26%) of 18 to 34 year-olds can be classified in CGA Peach’s ‘loyal core’ segment—virtually the same as that consumer-wide average of 27%.

CGA Peach Senior Research Manager, Charlie Mitchell said, “Unsurprisingly it is brands that focus on delivering quality across each point of the customer journey  that have the highest proportion of loyal customers. Brands such as Miller & Carter and Wahaca focus not only on food and drink quality but also on ensuring that consumers leave satisfied with their experience . Ultimately this results in a loyal customer base, who will revisit and tell their friends how great it is. In today’s ultra-competitive market, this has to be the holy grail.”  

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