Wine Insight Reports 2021

A quarterly series of reports providing high level insight and expertise into the topics shaping the GB out-of-home wine category from a consumer, volumetric and advanced analytical perspective

Providing expert data and insight into the wine category since 2017, CGA has again produced a collection of syndicated wine reports designed to answer the most pressing questions for the industry.

Using a combination of CGA’s proprietary BrandTrack consumer, OPM volumetric and Outlet data, alongside category insight and opinion, the quarterly reports are a must for any supplier, operator or manufacturer looking to understand the changing subtleties of the GB out-of-home wine sector. Exploring the topics that matter most for the wine market, the reports provide an accessible entry point to what is, undeniably, a dynamic and complex category.

Tailored to answer the most frequently asked questions and assessing the impact of latest trends around GB On Premise wine, including the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, this completely revised set of four affordable reports focus the lens on CGA’s phenomenal data to uncover insight across the broader category…

The upcoming reports in the 2021 series...

Wine Trends to watch in 2022

The Changing Wine Outlet universe

Wine brands in Focus

Profiling Wine consumers

Wine Insight Reports 2021

The Wine Insight Reports 2021 for the GB On Premise will highlight the big issues that have impacted the category during COVID-19, they explore the latest trends emerging, identify where and when wine is drank out-of-home, how branded wine impacts consumer purchasing and reveal how suppliers and retailers can engage target consumer groups and keep them valuable.

They have been designed to provide a valuable, yet affordable, entry into the wealth of data and insight that CGA have on the wine category in the On Premise.

CGA Wine Insight Reports is a quarterly subscription service – the first report available October 2021.

In more detail...

Wine trends to watch in 2022

Using CGA’s suite of data, the report will track which trends are receiving increased interest and which will be fleeting. Trends that we’ll be able to measure awareness, usage and appeal for include Pink Prosecco, wine cocktails, wine-based hard seltzers, canned wine, orange wine, organic wine, no/low alcohol wine, vegan wine and much more!

This report will allow for strategic planning on which trends to invest in for the upcoming year and how to position wine offers aligning to latest trends to create excitement in the category. This report will be available from October 2021.

The Changing Wine Outlet Universe

The report will draw upon both volumetric and consumer data to understand the most popular sectors wine is consumed in, as well as the occasions which drive wine consumption.

Against a backdrop of COVID-19-related outlet closures and re-openings, which have impacted different sectors in varying ways, this report sheds light on the areas for opportunity in the On Premise for wine. With changing occasions and outlet choices, understanding how the wine outlet universe has changed will be vital in targeting, and winning, in a revitalised On Premise market to grow wine sales and profitability.

Wine brands in Focus

This report will uncover the impact of branded wine and non-branded wine on out-of-home purchasing choices. Do brands increase consumer likelihood to purchase? Does this depend on how premium the brand is perceived to be?

Expert analysis explores the benefits of a brand-led offer and how to position brands in the On Premise for optimal success, alongside who to target with non-branded wine and premium options.

Profiling Wine consumers

The final report aims to introduce the different types of wine consumers through segmentation based on their habits, preferences, knowledge, demographics and how long they’ve been drinking in the category.

This allows suppliers to find their ideal wine consumers and those who will enjoy their products the most to maximise opportunities for engagement

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