Wellbeing support needed as positivity dips

The ongoing lockdown is taking an increasing toll on the mental health of consumers and hospitality professionals, and highlighting the urgent need to support wellbeing.

This week CPL Learning partnered with hospitality support organisation, So Let’s Talk to open up conversations about mental health through a series of videos looking at the challenges faced by hospitality teams and how to address them.


CPL Learning COO, Jamie Campbell said “Giving support and guidance for team members not just now, but for reopening and beyond will be increasingly required. This isn’t situational, it’s a permanent and relative need”.

CGA’s recent consumer research shows that two in five (40%) consumers are feeling less positive about the current lockdown than previous ones. This is twice the number (19%) who feel more positive, despite the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines leading to optimism that this may be Britain’s last full lockdown.


Nearly a third (31%) of consumers say the lockdown has been detrimental to their mental health and 59% of consumers agreed that hospitality venues positively contribute to their wellbeing.


Concern is also mounting about the financial impacts of lockdowns, with half (49%) of consumers now worried for their job security. Those working in hospitality or associated sectors are particularly anxious about jobs—echoing previous CGA research that has revealed the importance of supporting the wellbeing of teams as the lockdown goes on.


CGA’s research coincides with Time to Talk Day, set up by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness to encourage open conversations about mental health. Extensive resources to promote the wellbeing of people in the hospitality industry are available from CPL Learning, including new material to identify ways to relieve stress.

Nearly a year on from the start of COVID-19 restrictions, these figures show how the pandemic has had a very damaging impact on people’s wellbeing in hospitality and beyond,” says Rachel Weller, CGA head of consumer research.

While the vaccine programme is raising hopes that professionals and consumers alike can get back to restaurants, pubs and bars before long, wellbeing support is clearly needed, and anything employers can do to help will be welcomed.”

You can find the free resources supporting wellbeing on the CPL Learning Aspire channel.

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