Weather watching: Will the sun shine on sales this spring?

With the On Premise hoping for warm weather to boost outdoor trading from mid-April, CGA research shows the very close correlation between sunshine and sales.

Exclusive analysis combines Volume Pool and weather station data to demonstrate the impact of hours of sunshine on the average outlet’s takings. In August 2020, for example, sunny days increased sales from 12pm to 8pm by 4%—£26 per hour more than the average day. When sunny days’ sales are compared to the average rainy day, there is an even sharper rise of 14%, or £75 per hour.


The gap in sales is wider at weekends, when more people are able to take advantage of good weather in the On Premise. Takings on sunny Fridays and Saturdays are 6% or £38 per hour higher than the average day.


There will be more reason than ever to hope for good weather when hospitality is able to open again for outside trading from 12 April. CGA’s online outlet and location targeting tool RISE reveals that just over 26,000 pubs, bars and restaurants in England have outdoor areas that could potentially host guests—43% of the total—but many will not be viable in poor weather.


We’ve always known that the great British weather plays a part in trading, but this research shows just how significant it can be,” says CGA managing director, UK & Ireland, Jonathan Jones.

“If the huge pent-up demand for hospitality coincides with decent weather, we could see some great sales over the five-week period before operators can open indoors again. Predicting demand at a time of year when the weather can be very changeable is going to be tough—operators and suppliers will be watching forecasts very closely as 12 April gets nearer.”

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