Unlock the potential of OPM

CGA’s OPM service is the only fully projected, extensively validated, measure of beverage alcohol performance in the American On Premise. Used to track share and trends by all of the leading beverage suppliers, OPM is the most robust view of sales performance for bars and restaurants ever produced in the US.


The latest enhancements to OPM includes thousands of additional point of sale (POS) data points, a digital data acquisition program to track menus from bars and restaurants, an extensive audit process that enables tracking of hidden volumes such as ‘well’ products and craft beer, and unparalleled levels of validation data.

Exclusive data

OPM provides access to highly validated data from a sample based measurement of the market. This delivers actionable insights for business growth including competitor analysis and category management.

Accurate benchmarking

Analyse the latest sales data at category and brand level for hyperlocal benchmarking aligned to markets, states and cities. OPM makes it simple to evaluate performance across segments and regions.

Market share & trends

Understand the wider market dynamics that will impact your business. Using OPM's highly targeted data, brands can assess how current trends have evolved and identify new trends that have emerged.

OPM has become the flagship On Premise measurement tool in the U.S., and we are excited to provide these enhancements to better serve the industry. Suppliers will now be able to work with their distributors and customers to understand share and trends in key markets such as Texas, Las Vegas, Miami, and many more.

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