The powerful influence of Bartenders – How well do you know your second sales team?

The On Premise has long been the place where consumers trial new drinks and develop brand loyalties, and bar tenders play a crucial role. Three in five (59%) consumers say they can be swayed by suggestions, even when they have already decided what to drink, and two thirds (65%) agree that they enjoy being educated by knowledgeable bartenders.
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CGA by NIQ’s new Global Bartender Report reveals that nine in ten (93%) bartenders say they recommend drinks to guests on every shift—and 71% say their tips are bought every or almost every time.


The exclusive BarSights survey of 1,500 hospitality professionals around the world, also revealed that bar tenders’ influence reaches far beyond the bar. With social media playing a big part in people’s drinks and venue choices, bartenders can help put brands at the heart of people’s Instagram, Facebook and TikTok feeds. Four in five (81%) staff say they post on professional or personal accounts, and nearly half (48%) are using these channels more frequently than a year ago. 


With such powerful influence, bar tenders are not only responsible for executing the perfect serve. They are fast becoming an extension of a brand’s sales team. But how well do you know the bar tenders serving your drinks? and how can your brands be among their recommendations? 


Suppliers that understand how to leverage this influence can achieve a huge return on investment. 


More than nine (93%) in ten bartenders think strong and positive relationships with suppliers and distributors are important to the success of their bar, and a quarter (25%) think visits from suppliers will be even more important in the future than they already are; just 7% see them becoming less so. This makes brand ambassador programmes vital. 


Whilst ambassadors provide welcome education on brands, successful advocacy programmes consider the ongoing personal development of bar tenders. Four in five (78%) bartenders have long-term career ambitions in the bar industry—but only 43% actually know how they can progress in it. Many of these professionals are keen to run their own venues, but others are interested in working for drinks brands or in consultancy and marketing roles.  


Dylan Battick, CGA by NIQ Senior Consumer Research Executive said: “The Global Bartender report aims to help suppliers and brand owner understand the needs and preferences of these incredibly powerful influencers and delivers unrivalled insight and recommendations on how to build long term engagement with Bartenders and successful advocacy programmes.”



CGA’s Global Bartender Report features many more insights into bar staff around the world, plus views from top bartender associations. It helps suppliers build stronger relationships with venues, optimise the positioning of products and gain a competitive edge. As well as data from the UK and US, the report covers major markets including France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, South Korea, Canada and Mexico. To learn more about the research, email Dylan Battick, CGA by NIQ’s senior consumer research executive, at 


Discover more about CGA’s Global Bartender Report and insights, here.


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