The future of e-commerce

Analysis & insight of online alcohol purchasing

The future of e-commerce

On Premise consumers are going online to get their alcoholic drinks in increasing numbers over lockdown, CGA reveals in ‘The Future of E-commerce’, an exclusive new survey of the market.


The in-depth research is based on surveys tracking the behaviour of more than 10,000 people over six months. It shows that more than a quarter (28%) of On Premise consumers bought alcohol online in December 2020, up by three percentage points since August. Of these, three in ten (30%) had never done so prior to the pandemic—proof that lockdowns have released a wave of new online purchasers.


CGA’s ‘The Future of E-commerce’ report is available now. It is essential reading for suppliers and operators seeking to deepen their understanding of consumers’ online habits, the ways they are influenced to spend and how the market is likely to evolve in the coming months.


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