States of play: Uncover opportunities for On Premise growth across Australia with new regional insights

In Australia’s competitive On Premise, a state-by-state and channel-by-channel understanding of the landscape is crucial for driving brand distribution and sales —CGA by NIQ’s Outlet Index has the insights to help.
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The exclusive database of licensed premises across the country is available to support suppliers expanding into new markets and identify the optimum venues to target. With the flexibility to segment the On Premise by region, channel and much more, it builds the foundations for successful strategies for distribution growth.


Outlet Index’s breakdown of venues by state is particularly powerful, as it spotlights important nuances in the market. It shows Victoria has the highest concentration of venues, with 32% of Australia’s licensed premises, followed by New South Wales (26%) and Queensland (18%).


Here are more insights into state splits in three key channels: pubs, bars / clubs and restaurants.


Pubs and Hotels

Australia has a total of 6,851 pubs and hotels —averaging one for every 3,800 people. They account for 17% of all licensed premises in the country, but that figure rises to 21% in both New South Wales and Queensland. Tasmania has the highest concentration of pubs and hotels, with one for every 2,000 people, while ACT has the lowest at one for every 7,800.




Bars and nightclubs


Outlet Index shows 7% of Australia’s licensed premises—3,030 in total—are categorised as bars or nightclubs. Victoria has a third (33%) of these, ahead of New South Wales (23%) and Queensland (16%). Western Australia has the highest proportion of Bars/Nightclubs of total state venues at 12%.




A total of 20,812 venues in Australia are classified as restaurants. This is half (51%) of the country’s total venues. Again, Victoria has the biggest share of restaurants (35%), ahead of New South Wales (28%). The Australian Capital Territory over indexes with 63% of total licensed venues being restaurants.




James Phillips, Client Solutions Director – ANZ at CGA by NIQ, said: “Australia has a dynamic On Premise that is full of great opportunities for suppliers. However, Australia is a fiercely competitive market for suppliers with one of the lowest number of venues per person across CGA’s Outlet Index coverage globally. The landscape looks very different from state to state, and there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for success. Therefore, uncovering new opportunities in venues outside of your existing footprint can reap rich rewards. Our Outlet Index has the key to understanding the make-up of the sector and consumers’ different requirements around the country, and responding with targeted activity that unlocks extra sales.”


CGA by NIQ’s Outlet Index provides expert scoping of the market, and custom segmentation and penetration and gap analysis are available to add further layers of insight. To learn more about the Outlet Index and CGA by NIQ’s range of research solutions to support On Premise businesses, email Sam Chopade, CGA by NIQ’s client solutions manager – ANZ at or James Phillips, Client solutions director ANZ at


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