Stanley Cup Playoffs Drive On Premise Sales Surge

The Stanley Cup Playoffs continue to offer significant opportunities in the On Premise, as demonstrated in CGA by NIQ’s latest Canada On Premise Sales Impact Report.

Powered by market-leading BeverageTrak datasets, the report captures check level data up to May 11th, providing valuable insights for industry stakeholders to score highly in terms of optimal visitation levels and sales during this quintessential occasion on the Canadian sporting calendar.


Encouragingly, the latest week of sales has emerged as the 4th highest for velocity captured in 2024 across Canada. This impressive performance is primarily driven by a +3% increase in check value over recent weeks, despite traffic remaining down by -4% to the end of April.


As the Stanley Cup Playoffs continue to captivate audiences, the data highlights regional differences influenced by its substantial impact on sales velocity, with notable increases observed on game days. For example, both British Columbia and Alberta have maintained strong velocity levels, while Ontario (-3%) and Quebec (-5%) have experienced declines over the last two weeks.


Most specifically, British Columbia has shown strong resilience, with ticket counts still under-indexing compared to the previous year but reporting the 2nd highest recording of 2024 in the latest week. Additionally, the region has marked four consecutive weeks of velocity growth, underscoring a positive trend demonstrated in Canucks vs Oilers first and second round Playoff updates:


First Round:

  • Canucks Game 5 (April 30): Vancouver (+8%), British Columbia (+8%) compared to the previous Tuesday.

Second Round:

  • Game 1 (May 8): Vancouver (+21%), British Columbia (+15%) compared to Wednesday April 24th.

Notably, Game 1 in Vancouver against Edmonton, on May 8th, registered a significant +21% uplift in velocity compared to two weeks prior.


Ultimately, understanding the positive impact of playoff games on sales velocity equips drinks brands and venue operators to plan targeted promotions, optimize inventory, and amplify customer engagement during game days. For these reasons, the insights in the Report underline how tailoring offerings and marketing efforts to align with high-traffic periods strategically drives sales and increases market share during Playoff season.


Mitch Stefani, Client Solutions Director – Canada said: “Game days in particular have been immensely impactful for teams who have hosted throughout the entire playoffs. We’ve seen some of the best sales weeks of the calendar year for different provinces over the last month, to which we envision hope to see footfall increase moving into summer months.”


CGA’s BeverageTrak dataset provides a geographically balanced view of performance in the On Premise market, showing total rate of sale for food and drink by outlet style, across chain and independent concepts, tracking minute-by-minute sales of many thousands of bars and restaurants right across Canada in all major provinces.  


To find out more about BeverageTrak’s capabilities and how it can help your On Premise strategy, get in touch with Mitch Stefani, Client Solutions Director – Or click here to find out more about Canada On Premise Impact Reports. 

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