Shaping On Premise sales & marketing strategies

Automated business intelligence reports & data feed enables On Premise sales & marketing strategies.

The Challenge

Leading drinks supplier receives outlet level sales data from over 20 key customers, in a variety of formats. Data is currently under-utilised as it is extremely time consuming to pull together. The On Premise business would like to view & report as a combined data set & also link to their own CRM data to perform analysis by sales/marketing activity, as well as using subscribed CGA volume services for market context.


The Solution

A fully automated system which takes direct delivery of data feeds by email, harmonises into one product, outlet coding structure & hierarchy, produces business intelligence reports linked to the CRM data & delivers a sales performance feed back into the business’ CRM. The system is fully managed by CGA with robust integrity checks & automated alert systems for data providers.


The Outcome

The On Premise business is now making more informed business decisions at a customer, local geography & outlet level, to shape their On Premise sales & marketing strategies. They are also able to track sales performance pre & post-customer activity to measure & refine the approach. Direct feedback to the CRM also provides the sales teams with a view of outlet performance for existing customer calls.


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