Rebuilding Brands in the On Premise

May 2021

As the On Premise begins to reopen and restrictions ease, there is major opportunity for drinks brands to re-engage consumers and continue to build brand equity.

How should brands adapt to changing market dynamics to meet new consumer behaviours and preferences? How can drinks businesses begin to build brand equity? What does good activation look like? These were the main themes for CGA’s  ‘Rebuilding brands in the On Premise’ webinar on May 19, 2021.

BrandBuilder evaluates drinks brands’ health in the On Premise, and can help businesses attract new consumers, increase frequency of purchase, build brand loyalty and grow market share. It combines CGA’s market-leading consumer research with sales and distribution data to provide detailed analysis of brands’ strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Download the presentation slides to find out more about building brands in the On Premise.

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