Range to the fore as Ireland’s On Premise recovers

With polarisation growing between high quality and value in Ireland’s On Premise, getting the right range in the right outlet has become more important than ever.

CGA’s REACH survey of consumers in Ireland shows that a third (33%) now think it is more important to them that their drink is high quality than it was before COVID-19—while slightly more (36%) think good value has become more significant. This trend, echoed in CGA’s REACH research in other countries around the world, has been accelerated by the pandemic, which has hit some consumers financially while leaving others with more disposable income.


The Ireland survey confirms the crucial role of range in drinking out. Nearly half (45%) of consumers think the range of food and drinks contributes towards a good experience. However, there are signs that range is reducing in places, with well over half (58%) of operators agreeing that rationalising drink menus will be fundamental or important to their business after lockdowns.


Drinks range has always been a big factor in consumers’ choices, but the pandemic and a renewed focus on both value and quality have reinforced its vital role,” says Sian Brennan, CGA’s client director, Ireland. “The motivation to reduce range is understandable, but operators need to be sure there is enough to meet all the preferences of their guests. Suppliers have a big role to play in helping businesses establish the right selections, and they will need to demonstrate very clearly why their brands deserve a place on menus in this competitive environment.”


CGA’s REACH survey also shows how health-conscious behaviours are having a growing impact on people’s drinking-out habits. Nearly a third (31%) of consumers say they are living a healthier lifestyle than they were a year ago, and one in six (17%) thinks it is more important that their drinks are healthy—while nearly a quarter (23%) are limiting their alcohol consumption more.


This opens up potential for healthier options on menus. A fifth (21%) of consumers say they are now likely to try low calorie drinks, while slightly fewer are likely to try no or low alcohol beers (16%) or no and low alcohol spirits (13%).


Figures are taken from CGA’s REACH survey of consumers in Ireland. To learn how data and insights from the survey can support the ranging, pricing and marketing strategies of all drinks suppliers and operators in Ireland, email Phil Montgomery at phillip.montgomery@cgastrategy.com



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