How to get in touch with CGA for media enquiries

Press and Media Enquiries

CGA produces a number of regular reports on the out-of-home food and drink sector including the Market Growth Monitor, Foodservice Price Index and Business Confidence Surveys. Do contact our press centre at if you require more detail about any of these reports, you are looking for market industry comment or would like to source food, drink or operator data.

PR Contacts

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PR & Marketing Team


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Linda Pettit

Tilburstow Media Partners

P +44 (0) 13 4283 2866
M +44 (0) 79 7378 9853

CGA press release email distribution list

If you would like to be added to our email distribution list for press releases, please fill out the following form

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About CGA

CGA is the data and research consultancy of choice for the out-of-home food and drinks market, specialising in market measurement, consumer research and location planning.

What sets CGA apart is its unique ability to access the three key types of data (supply, demand and consumer) and then triangulate this data to provide the most complete and accurate picture of anyone in the out-of-home sector.

From its offices in Manchester, United Kingdom, and Chicago, United States, CGA experts work with many of the world’s biggest consumer brands, including drinks manufacturers, consumer brand owners, food suppliers and wholesalers as well as pub, bar and restaurant retailers and government entities.

Founded in 1985, CGA’s mission is to use its phenomenal data and expert insight of the leisure industry to give these brands the competitive edge and get them where they want to be, faster.

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In an industry we’re passionate about, we use our phenomenal data, unrivalled
market measurement capabilities and expert insights to give you the
competitive edge, and get you where you want to be, faster.

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