Optimistic On Premise trends driven by Stanley Cup Playoffs

Canada’s On Premise welcomed an upward trajectory in sales velocity and ticket counts during the latter part of April, according to CGA by NIQ’s BeverageTrak.

The latest data showcases significant positive trends in bars and restaurants, particularly in the cities and provinces where their respective teams hosted their matchups.  


With the Stanley Cup Playoffs influencing total trading sales for bars and restaurants – in reporting week of April 20-27th, it marked the 3rd consecutive week of sales growth for outlets first the first time this calendar year. Notably, this week was Ontario’s largest sales week for the average outlet, while also capturing the highest average amount of checks so far in 2024.  


The timing of these uplifts coincides with the sporting factor and clearly indicates the impact of the Stanley Cup Playoffs on bars and restaurants.  Most notable results of when games were hosted in Canada and the impact on sales generated in bars and restaurants include:  


  • Canucks Game 1 on April 21st and Game 2 on April 23rd drove resounding spikes in Vancouver and British Columbia, with increases as high as +21% compared to the same days the week before the games. 
  • Toronto and Ontario also saw considerable uplifts during the Maple Leafs Game 3 (April 24th) and Game 4 (April 27th), with positive trends by up to a quarter (+24%) week-on-week. 
  • In Alberta and Edmonton, the Oilers’ games on April 22nd and 24th contributed to over a third rise (+35%) in velocity versus the same days the week preceding the games. 
  • Winnipeg’s Jets games on April 21st and 23rd similarly prompted a +18% uplift 


The influence of major sporting events on consumer visitation and spending in the On Premise is hugely important. Having 4 of 7 teams represented in the Stanley Cup Playoffs has contributed to increased revenue for operators nationally, and specifically within local markets.  


CGA by NIQ’s BeverageTrak data allows industry suppliers and operators to effectively understand check-level insights by day of the week and dayparts, pinpointing crucial insights to make informed decisions combating the ever-changing landscape of consumer purchase behaviour. 


Mitch Stefani, CGA by NIQ’s client solutions director – Americas, said: “In what has been an up and down start to the 2024 year for bars and restaurants, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are providing an extra boost to operators’ bottom line. As the playoffs continue, team success can be a great segway into what we hope to see be a successful summer season for the industry.”



CGA’s BeverageTrak dataset provides a geographically balanced view of performance in the On Premise market, showing total rate of sale for food and drink by outlet style, across chain and independent concepts, tracking minute-by-minute sales of many thousands of bars and restaurants right across Canada in all major provinces.  

To find out more about BeverageTrak’s capabilities and how it can help your On Premise strategy, get in touch with Mitch Stefani, Client Solutions Director – Mitch.x.Stefani@nielseniq.com. Or click here to find out more about Canada On Premise Impact Reports. 

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