Measure, benchmark & analyze your On Premise beverage program

Essential Beverage Intelligence for the Americas hospitality sector

Optimizing your beverage program for success

Maximize spend & every guest visit by delivering the experience that guarantees your most valuable consumers will return. CGA’s solutions are focused exclusively on the unique insights, consultancy & support that operators need.

An operators beverage program is one of the most profitable elements of the business & has the ability to influence growth in consumer spend. As a world-leading beverage consultancy, our solutions are built with your beverage program in mind – with the aim of improving the beverage performance based on best-in-class data, insight & research.

The complete 360 assessment: Beverage Development Program

CGA’s full 360-degree assessment of your beverage program means you can grow your sales & profitability. We deliver beverage data & insight that is relevant to your brand, unbiased & sharply focused on the guest experience.

Gain access to an independent & complete view of the On Premise landscape to drive your growth & capitalize on associated revenues.

Meet the team driving On Premise beverage success

How we help

Compare sales of multiple beverage categories


Hyperlocal benchmarking aligned to the Markets, States & Cities in which you operate

Benchmark your performance & uncover opportunity analysis by week, day, & time of day for the whole beverage program

Benchmark your actual beverage sales & dynamics against the market

Grow your sales by utilizing developed & optimized analytics support packages

Delivering actionable insights that drive your results

Understand sales dynamics by day part, event analysis & marketing effectiveness

Understand stocking scenarios, promotion opportunities & basket analysis

Maximise category performance through pricing ladders & compare the most relevant channels, day of week & daypart to optimize strategic decisions

Uncover how pricing fluctuates in markets giving Operators key pricing information to drive sales

Re-evaluate your pricing structures for better $ velocity

Stay on top of relevant market trends by segment, style & geography

Volumetric measurement of alcohol sales in bars & restaurants across mainland US, covering volume, value, average price & distribution.

We offer the only representative read of sales within bars & restaurants, offering detailed insight into the movements & key trends within the On Premise market.

Understand the wider market dynamics that will impact your business


Evaluate category & brand performance across segments & regions


Assess how trends have evolved & what new trends have emerged

Related products & services

Daily & hourly beverage sales, traffic & spend tracking at brand & category level

Track weekly sales in to outlets by SKU level & pack size, down to neighborhood & zip-code level.

REACH compares key On Premise consumer metrics across 24 markets to uncover global trends. Understand how consumer attitudes motivations & need states are driving On Premise behaviours & category dynamics.

Available in all markets

Market measurement data for all Beverage Alcohol categories and brands.

Track consumer eating & drinking out behaviors, understand size of the prize opportunities for occasions & channels

Consumer data analysis tool giving you a 360 view of consumers in the On Premise

Transaction level insights and basket analysis – measure your marketing activity & benchmark performance

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