Understand Moderation in the On-Trade

Tap into future trends

Healthy and No & Low drinks are the top trend identified by Business Leaders for 2019

Get your fair share

20% of GB consumers have tried a no/low alcoholic beer, wine or spirit in the past six months

Capitalise on opportunity

5.7 million consumers have tried a non-alcoholic beer in the past six months, but 10.6 million consumers find the category appealing

Maximise market share and mitigate loss

Only 7% of consumers who drink No/Low Alcohol Beer or Spirits out-of-home are teetotal, so the vast majority are drinking

Understand moderation in the on-trade

With CGA’s No and Low Report, you can understand the consumer and drive engagement. It will help you know:

Size of the prize

How many and which consumers are drinking mocktails, NA Spirits, NA Beer and NA Wine? How many plan to drink these categories in the future?

Who to target

Who are No & Low consumers (demographics, age)? Where do they eat and drink out? How frequently are they visiting the trade? Which No/Low categories are they drinking?​

How to target​

Which occasions are/would consumers drink No & Low drinks on? What are the drivers to the category?

Perceptions and expectations

How do consumers rate the quality of No/Low options? What are their expectations of quality when buying No/Low drinks categories out-of-home? How do they rate No/Lo options vs the “real thing”?

About the report

CGA’s first-of-its-kind report includes many insights into the size of the category, the consumers who are drinking no and low alcohol types, what they think of the options on the market, and how, where and when operators and suppliers should target them.

It is based on CGA’s exclusive BrandTrack survey of the habits and views of 5,000 British adults.

Answer questions such as:

“Our report shows there is huge potential for operators and suppliers to capitalise on the growing number of moderators. With even more people likely to cut back on booze after the Christmas excesses, producers, operators and suppliers are queuing up to jump on the opportunity with an ever-increasing range of no and low alcohol alternatives. With many consumers eager to trial them out of curiosity, along with the evident health drivers associated, the challenge will be to build loyalty and repeat trial in a market where it is increasingly hard to stand out.”

Charlie Mitchell, Senior Consumer Researcher, CGA

Packages Available

Our unparalleled data is presented in an organised, highly visual and easy-to-read format. Crafted by our data experts, the report highlight the best and most informative insights relevant to businesses like yours, making it easy for you to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Single Category

price is per category report
£ 750
  • NAB/LAB focus
  • Mocktail focus
  • Low/No Wine focus
  • Low/No Spirits focus

Full Report

Includes all categories
£ 950
  • 1 report delivery
  • Immediately available
Best value


  • Use CGA MATCH Segmentation to understand how different consumer types engage with the sector
  • Use CGA BrandTrack to cut the insights by your brand or your customer’s consumers

Ready to maximise your no/low drinks strategy?

For operators and suppliers looking to prime their no/low alcohol drinks strategy for success, our reports are the perfect place to start.

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